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Stupid Christmas Accidents

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Okay, just wanting to know if you know somebody or know of somebody who has had a chrissy accident this year... Maybe it happened to you?

    Okay, my brother is currently blind in one eye due to a bunger (firecracker thingy) going off to soon as he was just about to throw it... It might be temporary, it might be permanent. He's still in the hospital...

    And I thought it was necessary, so I've brought up some statistics about chrissy accidents... Horrible and funny all at the same time... Maybe I'm just wonderfully morbid!!! :LOL:


    - 31 Australians have died since 1996 by watering their Christmas Tree while the fairy lights were plugged in.

    - 19 Australians have died in the last 3 years by eating Christmas decorations they believed were chocolate.

    - Hospitals reported 4 broken arms last year after cracker pulling incidents.

    - 101 Australians since 1997 have had to have broken parts of plastic toys pulled out of the soles of their feet.

    - 18 Australians had serious burns in 1998 trying on a new jumper with a lit cigarette in their mouth.

    - A massive 543 Australians were admitted to casualty in the last two years after opening bottles of beer with their teeth or eye socket.

    5 Australians were injured last year in accidents involving out of Control scalextric cars.

    3 Australians die each year testing if a 9V battery works on their tongue.

    142 Australians were injured in 1998 by not removing all the pins from new shirts.

    58 Australians are injured each year by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers.

    and finally:

    8 Australians cracked their skull in 1997 after falling asleep (passing out) while throwing up into the toilet.

    WOW!!!! :shock: :shock: ](*,) :facepalm: :-k :WStupid:

  2. Firstly, sorry to hear about your brother, but this is the reason firecrackers were banned, people being stupid with them. Then again, it is illegal to have firecrackers in NSW so I hope there aren't any legal repercussions for your brother.
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  4. Yeah well, it's not a real story, and they're not actually real statistics:
    I don't think so. :roll: Some of them made me chuckle, or cringe, though. :grin:
  5. Hope your bro is ok holly, and that it didn't spoil your day too much :eek:
  6. Yeah

    Yeah well I'm just waiting any minute now to keel over in agonising pain as the christmas charm I've swallowed today perforates my bowel!
    Mum always put these little 'silver' charms in our pudding. She swears she put 2 in my slice, but I only came across the one. Oops.
    She's not at all worried bout me, just cross cause she's lost one of a set.
  7. Yeah... I know... But they are funny!!!! :rofl:

    And yes, I think firecrackers and those sort of things are idiotic and should only be put in the right hands, or at least wear some bloody gloves and safety goggles!!

    When he was in the hospital yesterday, there were quite a few people at that horrid hour in the morning, one with an eye injury from a few days ago "but i just didn't think it was this bad, but then it started hurting more, and when i finally looked in a mirror, i kind of thought i should come in cause of the swelling and blood..." <--- IDIOT... seriously...

    Anyway... He can see some things but cannot make out any definition and colour he can make out with a few things... if it's a really bright red for example.

    Turns out he has corneal cysts (sp?), and they SHOULD be able fix it with surgery and 5 times a day eye drops and ointment.... and painkillers, and more eyedrops...

    Anywho, off to the Myer sales I go!!!
    Get me some work clothes...

    Oh, and guys...

    Be safe, no accidents please!!! I don't want peoples being hurt at this time of year.

  8. No accidents this year but, about ten years ago, I was having Christmas morning with my sister and her kids. We were playing in the yard when I stood on a fishing hook one of the kids had "lost". It went into the ball of my right foot. We couldn't get it out, so I had to drive myself (sister didn't have a licence) to the nearest hospital, using my LEFT foot only!

    Great start to Christmas day that year... :(
  9. Eugh! Painful!!!!
    *cringes* thankfully no repeat was made this year!!!

    I do remember that last Boxing Day I sprained my right ankle (as I always do....) playing a game of football (soccer) in Centennial Park with some people there.
  10. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt that much (tough feet). I just remember how difficult it was trying to drive with my left foot. Thankfully, I had an auto! :grin:
  11. "Firecrackers: The Silent Killer"
  12. actually Rod, 63% of statistics quotes are correct, the other 42% are fake :grin: