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stupid caravanas

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by boy biker, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. was coming home from mildura thursday night and as i am heading towards swan hill for those who want to know where this incident occur it was near the turn off to go to tooleybuc. any way their was this big line of cars cuming towards me and there was a slow car in amongst them which they where overtaking which was fine and i was moving into the middle of my lane as the approched.

    as i was getting closer know this car with a caravan pulls out to past this car at this stage they are about 400 to 500 meters infront of me now this was ok intinally as i was thinking that their was plenty of room if they get going and hurry up and past.

    any way as i was now getting closer about 100 to 200 meters infront of me i relises they are only equal with the car with the caravan still to come and i was coming towards them at 110ks so at this stage i am starting to get a little worried and am backing off to around 80 -90ks and they are still on my side of the road.

    they are now around 75 to 100 infront and still not past so now after i intinally slowed down to 80 i am now breaking resonably hard and am now at 20 to 40 ks and as fair left to the road as possible with out going off into the gravel.

    now this stupid caravana pulls in bascially about 50 metres infront of me also i suspect the car they were pasing also slowed down.

    anyway as they were pulling into the gap i held on me high beams and hold me hand on the horn as i am accerlating past them. this was at about 6.30 pm.

    i just thought that i would share this and wheather their was somthing else that i could off done to avoid me potentially becoming a hood ordiment on the front of this car
  2. jeeez thats pretty fcukin bad hey

    but bein a cager they figure your smaller then them and will stop or move off the line

    go figure!

    good to see your 100% alert with your surroundings :)
  3. The driver is what I like to refer to as a 'dumb f#$k'.

    There's a few of them around.
  4. ya that i already new with previous incidents with cagers but this one just got under my skin and they didnt even wave sorry