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Stupid cager ramed me into a ute.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by dazzahh, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Practising today on my bike was getting a really good feel of it, Starting to get a lot better but i'm not allowing it to goto my head :p.


    I was coming up from an intersection going in 2nd doing around 60, a right turn is ahead of me to go into another set of houses It is a give way for him. Some cager came from there, As i see this i notify him of my presence by sounding my Horn, Highbeaming him multiple times. i start to slow down to 40-30 just incase, OUT OF NO WHERE he just pulls out with full accelleration beside me to the point of where if i pulled my tonge out i could of licked the dust of his left window. I break hard and pull the clutch in, I rapidly beging to yell highbeam and beep repidly. He kept going without stoping. The ute directly like 5 meters infront of me(parked on the road) clips my left mirror (no damage) because i had to lean to the left otherwise his door would of hit my righthand side of my leg and crushed it. he drives off and i stoped got off to analyse what happened. Someone from the house comes running over to help me.

    After shaky nerves i get back on the bike to follow him, I managed to get what the car looks like what the numberplate was and where he went.

    I'm still shaking as that was my first encounter with a dumb shit, But me and bunch of my friends will be going over there to have a word with him and teach him how to drive.
  2. And what will that achieve?

    What if he lives in a house full of "undesirables" and comes out with guns blazing???

    You walked away, leave it to the cops. Go make a report of your injury and tell them that he failed to stop to render assistance & exchange numbers.

    Let the law deal with the shit-bag
  3. Welcome to motorcycling :grin:

    Well, firstly, it wasn't out of nowhere, by your own admission you were signalling him: he may have got the wrong message from your action, ie flashing lights & sounding your horn. Maybe, maybe not, I wasn't there, but it takes two to tango.

    Secondly, there will be many more of these encounters, you will learn to account for other peoples mistakes, otherwise you won't last long.

    Good to hear your practicing is going well, when your on the road, make sure you position your self where you can get out of trouble if need be, & always be aware of potential dangers.

    Hope you're not hurt too bad, watch out for idiots, they're everywhere.
  4. This shit happens all the time so get used to it but it sounds to me as if you had ample time to size up the situation and plan an escape route. Practice somewhere a bit quieter maybe?

    No comment on needing your mates to feel tough :LOL:
  5. Oh, and just to add, it matters not if you are in the right and they are in the wrong if you end up dead.

    Sometimes is pays to plant the anchors and let them go.
  6. 19 years old Testosterone and needs mates to be tough, yep temporary australian in the making. :?
  7. Maybe the flashing and horning might of giving him the impression to go but when his car spins due to hard acceleration and hits my foot, i would assumed he should of stoped to help but oh well. My escape was the slow down and break. Pretty lame but he almost hit the ute too, there was litterally no gap would of got crushed if i tried to go around. Its a quiet street already. Judging by his poor turn looked like he was drunk off his face. Then proceeds to do like 90 in a 50 zone of our streets. HMMM

    Anyway i'm quite happy this has happened because now i know what to expect a little more. There was another incident where a guy tailgated me got scared so i let him pass but instead he decided to overtake using the left hand side of the road, put his middle finger up going "too slow ****" get infront of me and zoom right off. Still taste the fumes from his exhaust. Quite hard trying to control your rage at these people. i would never do that in my car :|

    As for the police, they do jack shit. They have better things to be concerning themselves with, Nothing wrong with a friendly stop at the door to tell him what happened and be careful next time.

    Thanks for all the replies even the ones that direct at my Testosterone Levels for a teen
  8. If you go to this man's house be prepared to lose blood and teeth.

    It would be a better idea to get a shoulder massage, shoot your load, and relax. God put fvcknuts on this planet to make us appreciate everyone else. With the exception of the USA, god put fvcknuts there for target practice.

    When dealing with threats from side streets, I find the best approach is to hold your line, hold your speed, and quickly assess the location and trajectory of every vehicle around you so you know which way you are going to swerve if the fvcknut pulls out on you. Slowing down just increases the odds that they will become impatient and pull out on you.

    If you want to signal the fvcknut, my advice is to turn on high beam for one second and then turn it off again. This way the fvcknut will not mistake it for an invitation to pull out on you, especially if your are holding speed.

    Also, know how to stop your bike on a dime from 60 kph. Practice is the only way to find out how hard you can squeeze the front brake before it locks. Remember to check your mirrors before you slam on the brakes.

    dazzahh, you've just learnt a helluva lot about motorcycling in a short period of time. Keep that positive energy going and you'll continue to learn more. :wink:
  9. Going to mirror what was said above. By your own admission you saw him coming, so therefore you had time to react. Welcome to the wonderful world of riding a motorcycle on the roads. When you took your license tests they taught you the road rules and you idealistically believe that people actually obey them. If you believe that, you'll wind up crippled or dead. They simply don't.

    When riding, if you can see anything ahead of time that doesn't look like it could turn out well for you, always remember that you're the vulnerable one and pressing the matter through physical road presence is only going to end up with you losing. Always assess the situation, look for an escape route to avoid a potential collision, and cover the brakes and be prepared to swerve and/or stop to get out of their way. Don't press the issue by attempting to place yourself in harms way. It's no good being "right" if you're lying in the gutter crippled for life. It simply isn't worth it, and don't think for one second that the road laws and legal system in this country give a flying f*ck about who's right either. Unless the person was provably drunk or speeding, they can run you off the road and kill or cripple you and the legal system won't care one bit other than to give them a token slap on the wrist which amounts to a 1-point traffic offense for failing to give way and a $100 fine, while you end up paying for the rest of your life.

    Do the math. Understand the harsh reality. Get over your misplaced bravado, and you'll live to be a life-long rider yet.
  10. :LOL:

    Well said mate ;)

    One thing I've learnt from having the shit kicked out of me (and vice-versa) everyday for the past few months is that being a macho man is simply stupid. Fight to defend yourself/family/friends but starting something to prove a point is simply dumb.

  11. +1 to all that's been said.

    To the OP

    You will get better at reading traffic as you get along, just keep building your experience bag and practice your skills and you will be fine. It takes time to develop your roadcraft and motorcycling skills.

    I might point something out though, which part of sydney are you in? I've noticed there's a different type of driver for different parts of sydney. In the shire we have all the tradies in their utes, Out west there is duff music listening boy racers in rice boxes.

    I think the drivers aformentioned in the shire and the drivers out west and inner west are among the most terrible in sydney.
  12. Doug,

    Off topic I know but what's the go, are you a profesisonal fighter?


  13. Let's say you wouldn't wanna mess with dougz
    Check the link in his sigfile
  14. Pro street fighter! :LOL:

    Don't mess with the system...erm... A!

    I'm still due to visit the bloke in sydney, i've barely been adhering to my trainging, i've been doing a pithy 2 days a weeks fight training let alone visiting another gym! I'm hoping to visit in midsemester break.

    Oh yeh sorry Rob, went off on a tangent there. :LOL:

    There's systema thing in sydney and i'm a skeptic as to it's effectiveness as i hear very conflicting points on it and have spoken to quite a few dodgy blokes. (hence why i want to suss it out for myself)
  15. Lets not take it off topic lads. Shoot me a pm if you want a chat.

    Oh and NFR: I always find it amusing that people who bag the System have never done it, yet there don't seem to be any EX system people who do? Don't go to the place I mentioned - wait for Maxim to come out in July and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
  16. I don't like doing it but i have a vivid memory of a knife disarm that involved the guy basically just turning his body off the tip of the blade :shock:

    After having drilled knife disarms in full gear in Krav and seeing just how unpredictable and violently that thing comes flying at you, i was very skeptical of the drill i saw. Unfortunately youtube is filled with examples like that which don't help the arts name. Hopefully the seminar is good though, i don't like dissing fight styles.

    But yeh back on topic!!!

    Be careful on the road, it's a dangerous place with tonnes upon tonnes of metal being flung along it at varying speeds and directions. :LOL:
  17. :LOL: pm sent mate.
  18. Yeh thanks for the replies. I certainly learned a lot.

  19. the highbeam and slowing down *could* give him the impression that you are giving way to him. I'm having trouble visualising the situation though so its hard to guess what was going on.

    I'm sure that upon seeing a car and anticipating his approach i would have covered the brakes, adjusted road position and looking for escape routes, etc.

    Horn and highbeams may amount to nothing or be counter productive, giving the wrong impression and taking away seconds from your reaction time.

    It all comes down to experience and the situation at hand.
    You need knowledge to make the right decision and knowledge comes from experience and experience often comes from bad decisions. Looks like you may have just made a proper one :p

    You should try using ride commentary. Inside your helmet, talk through your ride, what you see what risks could arise from it and what you'll do to counteract it.

    Like saying "I see that car that just arrived at the side street, they may not see me and pull out. I'll adjust my road position and cover the brakes and watch their wheels for indications of movement" Well you can paraphrase ("car in the sidestreet, buffer, brakes", etc)... Its hard to keep up with all the stuff you'll see, but *saying* it makes it all absorb better than just riding past it all. Seriously.

    If your near my area, shoot me a PM and maybe we can go out and give you some practice.
  20. I have had plenty of near misses but that is the only way you learn is by keeping a careful eye out. Try riding with a few experienced rider and follow their lead on how they tackle different situations.

    Oh and dont be stupid and turn up to someones house. even if its for a friendly chat i can assure you someone will always get hurt. if there is no damage just let it go. If its a major concern go to the police.

    The only time id agree with you "running" through a house would be in the event someone stole your bike and you were going to retrieve it and police not helping either.

    but that is last resort.