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Stupid cager nearly killed me!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by GForce, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. i was riding along today in the nice weather and always watching out for idiot drivers. i saw this red pulsar from the side streets in the corner of my eye and had a feeling that she wasnt going to stop and look before entering the road and i was right. the stupid biatch didnt stop and went out to go right. i quickly pressed my breaks firmly but my rear slid but i had it all under control with my fronts. i just missed her by 30cms and she didnt even say sorry and drove off.

    always be alert and dont day dream! women cant drive for crap!
  2. I'll leave that sexist part for the ladies, they'll happily tear you apart.

    But yeah, what a rude biatch for not even acknowledging that she's a knob head.

    Ah well, lucky you were on the ball and saw it coming, well done. :)

    Ride Safe!
  3. Welcome to motorcycle riding ^_^

    I would have followed her and explained what she did wrong.

    The more important question though:

    Was she hot?
  4. What only one ?? is this your first , wait till one actually gets you
  5. It's good that you came out alright from that close encounter.
  6. Thats the worst thing about some people..the ones who really piss me off are those who don't think your life matters enough that they should have to apologise...I have had numerous people fcuk up and unfortunately a great many don't even acknowledge your existance let alone the fact they could have killed you...or you get the smartarse like I had the other day who cut in front of me going up to some red lights who then slammed the anchors on when he realised the lane was stopped...before cutting across in front of another guy to be at the front of the que...i split up next to him, tapped on his window and just pointed to my visor...not aggresive just a friendly watch out you cut me up sort of thing...and the fcuker had the nerve to give a smart arse salute. He then burned off from the lights and started the same shit again...so I had to give him a friendly salute as i split past him and off into the night. This one though was a single digit!

  7. Glad to hear you got out of that okay. Pffft to the women driver comments considering the data vicroads and the police department have against male drivers !! :wink:
  8. My friend had one the other day:

    Single lane T-intersection. You MUST turn left or right.
    Saab waiting to turn: no indicator at all, and wheels pointed dead straight.
    So my mate pulls up at his window and it's wound down.
    Now this particular friend of mine isn't the most tolerant or mild mannered guy in the world :) this is the conversation that took place before my mate burned off to get away from this knob in the Saab:

    My mate[mm]: "Are your indicators broken?"

    Saab: "Huh?"

    mm: "Your indicators. Are they broken?"

    Saab: "Oh... no. I just don't use them."

    mm: "They're not FOR you ya dumb c***. They're for the rest of us to see what the f*** you're doing so you don't kill us."

    *Exit mm. Some smoke. Slight wheelie not on purpose.*

    I just couldn't believe it "I don't use them..." :shock:
  9. My blood is boiling hearing all this inconsiderousness on the roads!!!
  10. HAHA...

    I always think of doing stuff like that, however I never get the chance since I'm usually too busy avoiding the idiots.
  11. Agreed :wink: ... However insurance premiums are much much higher for male drivers between the ages of 18-30 :shock: ! Anyway, thats for another time, another day..

    Glad to hear you're ok though... :!: :!:
    I must admit that prior to riding, i was very unaware of bikers and it was only until i began riding, that i started paying attention... As much as we hate the way some cages drive, its more societies fault that there's not enough exposure of "other" road users IMO!

    Still its all well and good for me to reply to this while im at home and calm, but when im out on the road, its a different story :twisted: :LOL: :twisted: :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

  12. Ahhhh, that's how you met PNUT! :LOL: The one finger salute was "You're number one mate!" :cool: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I guess this is why road rage happens. If someone pulls out on me or accidently cuts me off, but stops or takes evasive action & puts their hand up in a "sorry" gesture then I give them a wave back and all is forgotten and forgiven. What I hate is the arrogant whackers who either deliberately do these things, or whose driving skills are that deficient that they can't control their vehicle properly, and then either abuse YOU or ignore you etc that really get my blood boiling. They're the ones you feel like dragging out of their car at the next set of lights and beating the tripe out of.
    Let's face it - we've all made mistakes out on the road. A simple "sorry mate" goes a long way.
  14. im not an aggressive type of person and it takes me alot before i break but this asian woman was in her early 20s and she did not give a crap of what she just did. she looked at me as if it was my fault and then kept going. ive have many encounters before but this was the closest ever. it was lucky i had new brakes in them otherwise i would have been killed for sure.
    sorry about the sexist thing about women cant drive. i meant to say, asian women cant drive for crap! :p
  15. Yeah & some car drivers are even worse than these riders! Can you believe it? I prefer to educate & make friends rather than antagonise! Angry car drivers can cause far more damage than angry bike riders!
  16. Now it's racist/sexist.

    There's a few asian chick Netriders too, I'd just go back and delete it if I was you, lol. :wink:
  17. Was on the Western Hwy on Sunday heading to Bacchus Marsh. Round the Caroline Springs area had some friggin biatch in early model rusted up lexus to busy talkin & suckin on her lung cancer stick, pull right out in front me. No mirror check or nothing. Wasnt a need to change lanes, traffic was speeding along nicely.

    TY to the red car on my right who moved over just enough to give me enough room to pass that stupid cow.

    Also like how the 80 & 90 zone around Rockbank somehow means go faster. Bloody crazy.
  18. Nice to see that Netrider is now getting into the racism and sexism thing </sarcasm>

    I see just as many bad male as female drivers. Mostly young bogans who think their car's the best thing on the road. But also businessmen and mothers.

    Sure, she was an inconsiderate and stupid b!tch, doesn't mean you have to tar all of us with the same bl**dy brush.

  19. Note - This post was accidentally butchered by a newly minted mod who had no bloody idea what he was doing....... :oops: