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Stupid cager chucking rubbish out the window

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lachlan56, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Riding to work this morning I was behind a red P plater in a Mazda 3 going fairly slow. I was in no huge rush so it didn't really bother me. I noticed the driver was doing something (eating Maccas I think) which might explain why he was going slower than normal.

    Anyway 5 minutes on out of his window comes a maccas bag followed by a cup. They landed on the road infront of me but I didn't hit them. At this point I got rather pissed off thinking Ok i don't mind doing 15km/h under the speed limit but I am not going to sit behind a car dumping rubbish when I am on a bike. Luckily there was an overtaking section up ahead and I got to do my first overtake.

    Typically of course, the second I go to overtake he steps on it. I refused to fall back in behind him though so continued with the overtake. 250cc acceleration minus the acceleration of a mazda 3 = one slow overtake.

    I eventually got passed him and rode off into the sunrise, but I suspect he was rather miffed at being passed by an L plater.

    It just annoyed me, its one thing to litter, it doesn't bother me that much, but to do it with a motorcycle behind you just seems stupid. Sure a maccas cup is hardly likely to cause me to crash but I would prefer to not find out.

    Anyone else been behind a car chucking crap out? Cigarette butts or anything?
  2. Next time, take note of license plate, time, place, and phone the litterbug hotline to report the guy for littering. :)

    $$ fine.
  3. Yeah i dodge ciggies all the time, filthy smoking b@stards! Is there something in the brain of the smoker that separates garbage and butts, like butts are biodegradable or something? Smokers I know wouldn't litter at all but would have no hesitation stamping one out on the ground.
  4. Of course drivers need to throw their butts out the window!

    Everyone knows the ash tray in the car is for your spare change :LOL:
  5. Had a tradie throw a Jack Daniels can out the window of his ute.
    Just pulled back and let him speed off on his merry way, with a hope an RBT would meet him on his journey.
  6. Many years ago I was hit by a ciggie butt thrown by a guy in a open top car. At the same time a huntsman climbed up over my speedo. You can guess where the spider ended up. He jumped out of his car, leaving it in the middle lane of springvale road causing a bit of a traffic jam. I went on my merry way :) :)
  7. That is contender for post of the day :LOL:

    I've seen a few things thrown out of windows, so far, nothing that has connected or caused a situation where I needed to evade.
  8. Legend! :grin:
  9. i havent really thought about it in terms of being a bike rider but it makes me angry to see people throwing rubbish into the environment still. its always annoyed me when walking on nature trails.

    its not a problem if its a piece of fruit which naturally degrades quickly, but when its a plastic coated cup, paper wrapper or cardboard container its going to be there for decades unless someone picks it up.

    not only are those litterers lazy they have a sh*t diet
  10. first ride home from work and a bomadore driver throws a butt out the window at me.

    i knew it was 'at me' because i was on the left of the car, he threw it across from the drivers side.

    it just hit my foot and exploded in a shower of sparks.

    ive seen a cessna where a guy dropped a butt down beside the seat and ended up with half the plane on fire due to the high airflow, so im a little concerned what a butt could do if it hit helmet foam on the fwy.

    not on a moto, but on a pushy i had a car full of p-platers open fire with 3 full maccas cups of soft drink from behind as they passed. was going about 40k/h and was not happy. luckily they were all horrible shots and the cups sailed just over my helmet / past me. If i had swerved any harder i probably would have been clipped by the car which was going about 130. people like that should be spade.
  11. Well, if you're really concerned - Find helmets which pass the Snell 'car helmet' requirements as opposed to 'motorcycle helmet' requirements, and see if they're Australian-Standards approved? ;)

    (Under the Snell standard, car helmets must be fire-retardant/self-extinguishing, but motorcycle helmets do not have to be - because you can't be trapped inside of a burning motorcycle)

    Nawh, I think the chances of a cigarette butt setting the interior lining of your helmet alight is Highly Improbable. I'd pay money to see it actually happen, because it'd be the best Youtube video ever.
  12. interesting!


    edit: the polystyrene in the inner shell of most helmets is a primary ingredient in napalm and a couple of explosives... I'd suggest that riders steer clear of alcohol based hair products when riding. ;)
  13. throwing rubbish from a car is disgraceful.
    even worse though,a workmate travels along a road everyday which is surrounded by national forest and sees people tossing ciggy butts out the window all the time.how many bushfires have started from this?bastards :evil:
  14. Totally! I went to uni with a girl who would berate you for littering and always try to be seen picking up stuff that wasn't hers but would toss a cigarette butt without thinking twice. and she smoked A LOT!
  15. Careful, car helmets are designed to take one impact (usually the B Pillar) where bike helmets are designed to withstand multiple impacts (think rolling along the road banging your head as you go along).

    That's why you shouldn't race cars in a "bike" helmet & vise versa.
  16. When I drive I stop and get out of the car if I feel the need have a cigy because I cant stand the smell in my car, I figure it's no different to if I was on the bike.

  17. :WStupid:

  18. I'm signed up with the EPA and send in the into of litter bugs (its not so easy on a bike though, my memory isn't to good) what was i saying, ohh and i've had a word to many people smoking around no smoking signs with mixed results, its usually the females who wont put it out or move on.

    Last week some asian twat stopped at the lights to turn right on to springvale road with me and he just threw his half smoked fag out the window, I knew i had time to pick it up so i put the side stand down stormed over to his car picked up the ciggie said "Hey mate you dropped something" and i threw it in the back seat as far away from him as i could and watched him scramble to get it before burning his immaculately kept nissan pulsar.

    Hate litter bugs, if i have rubbish i carry it to the next bin. And it pisses me off when your riding behind one and all of a sudden gray dots appear all over your visor!!!
  19. Although last week it actually happened. And yeah I found it hard to believe. Not going to track down a link tho,.. that would turn this into a 'rider down' thread
  20. Yep definately get the number plate and report it to epa. They wouldnt be doing it again once they get the fine.