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Stupid Bluddy Drivers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by getnkd, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. i was on the way to uni today 8.45am in the bus lane travelling about 40kms or so n sum f***ing driver on left of this "T" intersection decides to squeeze into traffic as his sign says "left turn after red after stopping" on parramatta rd camperdown !!!! all i had time to do was tell mysef "wtf is this guyyu doinn" press onto the breaks swerved caus the floor was still wet from morning rain, brakes locked up n then i come off n bike is sliding away!!!! Fcukkk !!! even worst the guy sped offff !!!!

    if it wasnt for these 3 generous people one driver on the road who saw the incident n drove his 4wd to assist me, a guy @the traffic lights who saw it aswell n sum random guy having coffee i was jus shocked !!!!

    now im left with a fear of riding n hoping the rego plate i got is the correct one. :(:(:(

    went into the cop station already, i hope they catch this basterdddddddd !!!!!!! n they do there jobbb !!! caus thats all im counting onn now..

    sorry yall i jus wanted to voice out my anger n frustrationn !!! not to mention the mental scar ! n my MC22 is now all scratched upp ! FFS

  2. whats the damage?
  3. fairings, head n break lights, right hand side handle bar. front screen, side mirrrors !

    farouttttttt >.<
  4. bummer, also i hate it that they paint the bus lanes in the city, very slippery
  5. Unfortunately for you, it is a thing to remember that cars e.t.c. don't know about nor expect that bikes can use bus lanes in NSW.

    Which intersection did the car car from , if you were travelling over taverners hill , and the intersection is blind over the hill, vehicles would not expect a bike to be in bus lane.

  6. car was in mallet st on a red light n i was on parramatta rd heading to ct at the T intersection. this guy was jus stupidddddddddd! the lanes were all falll he thought he could jus squeeze in n leave his tail hanging !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'd disagree... except I've seen far too many idiots turn left from the middle lane when the left lane was a bus lane. If your average car driver doesn't even have that utterly basic bit of traffic law memorised, I highly doubt they know how to do anything more than turn the wheel and press peddles.
  8. There lies the dangers of riding on wet floors.

    Sucks though mate, were you insured? Injured? Tons of parts down your way so you should be right, try not to get too discouraged, get back on as soon as you can!
  9. Sucks big time!!! To put on a silver lining though, you didn't mention any injuries so thats a good thing................

    You'll be out & about in no time pal

    Good luck with it all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Really? I'm jealous.
  11. :evil:
    Pisses me off to hear shit like this. Hope they get the fcuker!
    Glad you were not hurt
  12. Apparently, penalties for leaving the scene of an accident aren't harsh enough! You sure he saw ya? Sounds like some E-braking practice could be beneficial, as the way you worded it suggests that you used way too much back brake and not enough front brake. Sorry to preach but practice will prepare you for the future.

    Sucks big time mate, hope it's not too banged up. :)
  13. thanks for all ur replys ya'll !!!!

    yeah just alil bit bruised up n a graze on my left knee !

    n no i dont have full insurance i cant afford it =[ im a fulltime uni student.
    thats why i hope they catch dis basterdd ! cause seriouslyyy if they dont i wont hav the money to pay for the damage done 2 my bikee =[.

    if i do get back on the road il prob not take parra rd nemore esppecially during the morning peak hrs n such!!! havnt riden since the incident, i kinda wana wait till i get my bike all fixed..

    he turned to latee so by the time i could react it was to latee i jus pressed onto the breaks !! >.<

    it plays through my headdd amillion times since then what could i hav doneee to prevent that incident but whats done is donee i cant change the past .. jus got move 4ward. but i really hope they catch dis guy >.<
  14. Really????
    Are you studying literacy as a major? :p

  15. yeaah afew blocks down there was P platers n stuff on the bus lane infront of me n then sneaking into the middle lane furthey down the road !!!
    its bluddy ridiculouussss !!!!!!!!!!


  16. nup structural engineering.
  17. I think smee's point was please stop using SMS speak. It's not quicker and all it does (aside from give everyone a headache) is make you look like a git :p
  18. Yep what Zeddicus said, keep the text speak to zero, we are all adults here and prefer to write in plain English as it is so much easier to read.
  19. welcome to the future, sad but true