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stupid bikers, re. lane splitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. my dad and i enjoy telling each other about our respective experiences with other road users, generally i give car drivers a hard time, and he will give riders a hard time.

    this was his example from yesterday of why in his words 'riders have a bad name for themselves', well maybe one of the reasons :p

    it relates to lane-splitting and when in his opinion (and i would agree) it is a bloody stupid time to do it. what do you reckon?

    ohh, i hope you love my artistic triumph thanks to MS paint :grin:

  2. bike was passing on the left
    Bike is to blame
    stupid bike
  3. I love the little pic of the bike, nice touch! A picture says a thousand words. Personally I think that manouvre is a bit wreckless, but I have heard worse stories. Ask you Dad how many times he was cut up, squeezed out, etc by a car. I bet its been countless more times. I hate this selective amnesia or indifference to motorists behaviour when a bike is involved, and the attitude of 'they bring it on theselves' comes into play. Funny how the same idiot in a car driving as wrecklessly seems to bother people less.
  4. the scary thing is that the biker obviously thought he was in the right!


    pitty he felt the need to speed away before your dad could set him straight.
  5. :WStupid:

    And, also, hee hee!
  6. Not sure I undertand. The bike passed on the left?
    Before, or whilst, passing parked cars?
    Once past parked cars who was ahead?
  7. IMO, your dad needs to calm down cos thats what bikes do and you need some drawing lessons...
  8. what? do you want me to draw you a picture? ..ohhhh wait :shock:

    :rofl: mehehe.

    bike accelerates from behind, passes between the two parked cars as dad is beside them and is annoyed when dad moves back into left of lane because rider finds himself being squashed into the lane.
  9. Great defensive riding skills (not).
  10. Fair 'nuff.
    Unless, that is, your dad decided to "punish" him by squeezing him back to the left.
    (Wasn't there, so I'm not saying this is what happened!)
    Not a smart place to pass, anyway.
  11. nice pic slyfox :grin: absolute classic, you obviously put alot of time into that....

    not sure the bike rider has much to be upset about, he tried a cheeky manouver, but in the end it would seem he's done the wrong thing...
  12. i took you for a better s**t stirrer than that mate, come on try again :)
  13. can someone tell me what should happen when there is cars parked in the left lane and two cars are side by side..who has to laggally give way..i think the law states that if the lane dissapears the guy in the left lane has the right of way...but does cars parked in the lane mean it dissapears
  14. Looks like a move thats a bit risky for me.
    Parked cars are bad, things jump out from parked cars, Like doors! :p
  15. did your dad indicate before merging back? (one of my pet peeves is ppls that think its not necissary to flick on the blinkers). also, was this a single lane road?

    anyways, anyone would have to be pretty stupid to try overtaking on the left, ppls dont look enuff as it is, let alone look to the left :shock:
  16. Technically if a lane disappears, cars in the left lane have to indicate and give way to the right and cars in the right lane have to indicate and give way to the left. If cars are side by side, courtesy and common sense will come into play....

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: courtesy and common sense on the roads :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. Not that I would dare offer an opinion on who was actually the idiot, but I've found in the past when people give you the idiot head shake, give them one straight back, you'll sometimes get a good show with instaneous yelling, jumping around in the car and frothing at the mouth! (May only work when you're the one on the bike or in another car)
  18. oh yeah, and that isn't lane splitting either, looks more like 'overtaking' to me :p
  19. Or UNDERtaking.
  20. Seems to me there are two offences here:

    1) Motorbike overtaking on the left in the same lane (only OK if there are two lines of traffic, it gets kind of messy discussing this in general terms).

    Followed by:

    2) Dad diverging from left of centre toward the kerb. He must treat this like a lane change, i.e. mirror, signal, mirror, headcheck, and give way to any vehicle in the space he's diverging into.

    Ticket each! :wink: