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stupid beginner mistake

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tehwinxor, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Well that was fun. On Saturday was off on my first ride without the L plate, off to a friend's birthday, and some numpty pulled out on the car in front of me, who slammed on their brakes, while we were merging right around all the parked cars.

    Apparently I grabbed me a whole bunch of front brake (wheel already turned as we were merging) and down I went. Was only doing 30kmh maximum, so not really a big one.

    So, little blue ninja is all scuffed up, so are my knees, and worst of all .. broke my thumb on the way down! :nopity:

    Stupid little fall, I've come off pushbikes worse, tripped while running worse .. but this time the angles were just right and thumb is cactus.

    Surgery on Wednesday to realign and wire it, four weeks with no use of it, wire gets pulled and light use allowed for two weeks with a splint, then two weeks light duties with no splint .. and at week eight I'm allowed back on bikes (pushies included!).

    Such a stupid nothing little accident, and ruins all my lovely bikes for two months. I've been practicing my everything up to this point and somehow still managed to screw it up. Can't wait to start practicing all over again.

    Bike is off to the doctor tomorrow, hope it's better than my hand!

  2. sux! if i dropped my ninja 650, i would cry, i think a little piece of my soul would die
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    That sux bro. I know how you feel. I had a compound dislocation of my pinkie and ground away the cartilage between the joint. Surgery was easy. Rehab was painful. Goodluck.
  4. That’s rough mate, wish you a speedy recovery. I remember my old man telling me of an off he had when he was young, checked himself over & was fine till he went to hit the electric start & his thumb folded back. :-s
  5. ^ holy crap :eek:
  6. There goes your sex life for a few weeks!
  7. Trust me, a little piece does die when you see your bike go down.

    @tehwinxor: bad luck mate. Hope you come good soon and heal fast. Have you thought about the accident and is there any way you could have avoided it?
  8. Yep. A lot.

    In future I'll be well-merged before I need to be, able to see over/around the thing I'm following, not in inner city traffic, not frustrated from being in peak hour traffic, not worrying about if my girlfriend behind (on her own bike) is ok, not thinking about if I'm running late, looking forwards when I'm moving forwards, a few car lengths behind anything I'm following, will merge with a flick not with a gentle curve, will keep the front forks straight at all times ...

    Made a lot of mistakes that morning ... :)

    the amount of paperwork I'm now doing is phenomenal!! I'll be doing a _lot_ to avoid this ever again :)

    Went out to see poor little Ninja this morning and load him into a truck to go to the doctor. Poor thing is all banged up and stuck in gear. I'll post pics if I get some time later today.

    Thanks for the concern all! Surgery tomorrow to re-align thumb bones and wire them.
  9. That's good advice. You really do need to ride like no one can see you!
  10. Heal quickly.

    What have you learnt for next time?
  11. All the stuff from my last post to do with positioning and keeping out of traffic ... plus that jeans + kevlar still = grazed knees. Armour for joints coming right up.
  12. Did you crash in draggings? Put up a review of the crash and how they performed. Alot of people would like to know :)

    Also, regarding your bike being stuck in gear, try rocking it back and forth a few times with some slight upwards pressure on the gear shifter. Might get her unstuck and into neutral...
  13. Yes, I read that.

    More specifically, what have you learnt about braking & what will you do next time?
  14. Ah, well the theory is that I'll either:
    a) not grab the brake so hard
    b) let go if I do, and smoothly reapply

    but I honestly don't remember grabbing it at all, so my lizard brain has not yet picked up the technique, and I've got bugger all chance of being conscious of what's going on if the same thing happened again tomorrow.

    So I'll choose c) "there won't be a next time", as I plan to practice the bad response out of existence.

    Had been working on "grab enough to tension the system, pause, then apply" maneuvers the previous weekend, a few more hundred reps of that and by the time I need the reflex it should be there.

    FWIW I consider braking to be Skill Number One already, this has just confirmed I've been slacking and doing the fun skills instead.
  15. Will do - will take pics when I swap bandages in the morning.

    Jeans are fine btw, despite knees being grazed a fair bit.

    Ah, thanks -- didn't think to try anything of the sort, Will keep it in mind for next time.
  16. After having a crash for the first time, nobody is in any state to anything except sit on the curb and have a wee cry :rofl:

    Much less think objectively about what might be wrong with your bike and how to get it working again.
  17. I didn't realise my ankle was broken until I decided I'd try to stand on it ... Then didn't really even feel the pain for another 2-3 minutes :| Adrenaline is a crazy thing.

  18. Ha I’ve done that myself, didnt hurt at all but wouldnt take any wieght, later found to be broken in to places & required surgery. Amazing thing the human body.
  19. Bad luck ! I fell on my side at about 5km/h at a round a bout avoiding a speeding driver that cut thru -
    And did about $4200 damage :-( replacement parts only on a naked bike too !