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Stupid Advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by EscapadeBabe, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Apologies if this has
    a) been done to death or
    b) is in the wrong place (I was thinking morbid humour)

    I just rang up the expresstag people in sydney about a toll notice. We got into a discussion about how to avoid toll notices (legally by adding rego to expresstag etc) and the ladies advice was that from now on I should go through the toll point holding the tag in the air with one arm :shock: so that it would be picked up. WTF??? I asked if she REALLY expected me to ride along with my arm in the air and she advised me that I'd only have to do it at toll points.... :shock: :shock:

    Has anyone else been given stupidity like this - I am aware that there is major controversy over tags and tolls, and I'm sure I could easily figure out a way to mount it. My issue here is I just couldn't believe that someone who works for a company would advise such stupidity!!! Is she getting paid by the law suit?

  2. Just mount the sucker to your helmet and quit your whining :p

    As far as advice goes, that's pretty bad though..
  3. Dee,
    Don't need to carry it at all. I have mine with RTA and I have to register the bikes details with them and it is automatically debited with no extra charges. If your tag people dont do it, swap over.
  4. And tell them why.
  5. I often go through the toll scanning sections, one arm in the air...

    ...with an extended middle finger and a slider on the wall. Until we pay half price or less, I'm getting out of paying as much as I can.

    Karl's got it right though, they should see your plate associated with the tag.
  6. Three easy steps for you:

    a)register your rego with the tag.
    b)Use the tag as a paperweight at home
    c) go through the e-lanes

    They will add the toll to your account manually, no extra fees, no extra hassle. Sometimes, they will not add the toll, as you happen to ride on the emergency lane, or near the wall, or on the outer lane, away from the camera etc.... :wink:
  7. I used to have the tag in a leather/plastic phone case clipped to my glove................and then bloody Karl and his wise words of wisdom got me to link my bike plates via "MyRTA" with my e toll account and now I go through and just smile for the camera :grin:

    Make ya feel like a crim as the flash goes off. :LOL:
  8. Stupid advice you stay...

    "Na mate, all cbr600rr's are grey imports." says the honda salesperson. :? :shock: :shock:

    i was like you're kidding right?
  9. Bikes + Tolls = :? ... whos crazy enough to charge bikes for tolls...
    Mexicans win again! ;)
  10. Yeah, by far the most sensible solution would just be to make all bikes toll exempt. Lobby on, guys!
  11. I got some stupid advice from a kwaka dealer.

    Was shopping for a 600 and the guy thought I was still on my Ls (no idea why) anyway he said that he recommends that learners just buy a 600 instead of a 250 as it saves money.
  12. Why not? You'll usually be happier with the performance on a larger bike for longer.
    Plus with rising obesity rates, not everyone who hops on a 250 thinks it's the bullet a 45kg chick might think it is.

    There's a few 650s that are LAMs and even some quick ones that can come with restrictors while you're on your L's and P's.

    The Suzuki GS500 is a 500cc and widely regarded as one of the best learner bikes to buy.
  13. LOL - thanks for letting me know about the RTA one Karl

    I was just so shocked that she could offer that as serious advice... I was struck silent for a full minute before I started laughing... She didn't really get it even when I tried to explain why it would be a bad idea.

    I have been going through the tolls on a regular basis but have only gotten done twice, I did chuck my bike onto the list of vehicles just in case but it doesn't seem to have worked very well.. oh well
  14. Yep, I have cancelled my ROAM e-tag account and gone with the RTA one for the very reasons mentioned here...
  15. Hm, i have my rego with an rta tag.. Does it matter? Roam gave you troubles with the tolls?
  16. Stupid advice? You're on the right forums! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Supernego,

    Not even sure why I went with Roam in the first place...when I enquired about what I should do if I had to use Harbour Bridge, Lane Cove, M2 etc. tolls (since I'm coming from the Northern Beaches), I was told that for all those I would have to stop and pay cash at the toll booth (and I would do that how at Lane Cove since it is cashless :roll: ).... and only on the Westlink M7 would they automatically debit my account.

    So I though f..... dat sh*t... and cancelled it since I hardly use any tolls let alone the Westlink one! :LOL:
  18. I don't use tolls. I just have a Ms that uses them, so i just added my rego to her tag :wink:
    and with all these speed cameras, it is quicker not to use their tunnels.. \:D/
  19. o well just come to victoria its free for bikes