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VIC stunts on the road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Say someone was to do silly, dangerous stunts on their cruiser such as stand on the seat or lay back with feet on handle bars.

    Would this person receive a fine or something from the police?

    Whats the charge?

    Also my mate was "tank surfing" is their a fine or charge on that?
  2. Careless driving.
  3. Reckless driving? or is careless something else?
  4. Careless driving (or think it might be "failure to drive with due care"), is a lower level than reckless driving.

    Which you get done for probably depends on how much of a knob the cop thinks you are at the time.
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  6. I like this one better
  7. LOL not as funny as the response from the cop I think... and they are complaining about clothes being ripped off and it hurting - that's what happens when you don't wear the gear. I completely understand the cop in that vid I posted. No sympathy.
  8. Isn't there something about having both feet on the pegs at all times?? Failure to properly control or similar????
  9. I like how he says this is not something you should do at home ..... Nah, leave it for the open highway
  10. I know which one you mean :)

    Penalty/Offence Code: 2088
    Long (Legal) Offence Description: Fail to have full control, uninterrupted view, at least one hand on handlebars (motor bikes only) or both feet on footrests while motor bike moving
    Regulation/Rule Reference: 271(1)
    Demerit Points: -
    Infringement Penalty Units: 1.50
    2009/10 Penalty Amount: $175
    2010/11 Penalty Amount: $179

    So in other words, yes that is an offence and you can get booked for it - but you won't get demerit points.

    Additionally you can probably get hit with almost all the hoon laws...
  11. I can't believe the retard who said he had nowhere to go cos the other bike was right in front of him!! The bike was way left of centre of the lane, f*cktard just had to move right a foot FFS. Both got 1/2 what they deserved. Oxygen thieves.
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  13. hoon laws will come into effect as well, 48 hrs first offence a the moment i think? due to get increased as well shortly
  14. Correct. We discussed it two months ago.

  15. Sad that we cant take a leg off to stretch it legally eh? Not that it stops anyone when needing to stretch...
  16. You can legally take two legs off to stretch. Just make sure the bike has stopped first.

  17. Nup, tell him to go for it. Film it and be in the running for 1/4 of million dollars.

    Link provided.... http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=754474
  18. both videos made me :rofl: