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Stunts gone wild

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Scrambles, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. All those beautiful bikes crashed :shock: I wish I could download that clip somehow?
  2. How cool is the guy in the red shirt who rescues the runaway bike, though?
  3. Found a way to download this! :twisted:
  4. i tend to avoid watching stunt vids like the plague, but the thing that staggers me, is why the hell weren't so many of those guys wearing decent bike gear???? as shown very well in that vid, most people hit thier upper torso first and hardest, so where were the jackets, why just a crappy tshirt???:shock: :shock: thanks for the vid. :grin:
  5. SShhhhhhhhhhh, right now.

    No problem.
  6. That's the best collection oof stunting stacks I've seen. You can really feel the hurt.
  7. woulda been great if that handstand hadda made it!!
  8. I just want to know why Hornet was one of the first ones to view this subtly named thread....? Heheheh
  9. So this is where the video from "Not a Stunt day" went.... :p
  10. Some of the bikes just get laid down nicely on their side while others flip end over end and would be totaled. I must admit though the guy that rescues the runaway bike is pretty good.
  11. Nope, won't get me there; I view nearly EVERY thread :LOL:.
  12. Why would you stunt a road bike with fairings? Geez, even a small stack is gonna cost big time.

    Apart from that, a few were really funny...the guy going for the castration towards the end and the guy who nearly crashed into the back of the camera car. Funny as in I'm hoping that no one was seriously hurt. :)
  13. Simple - The more you put on the line, the more fun something is.
    greater risk=greater reward.
  14. .. and I don't think the canon-shot off two cars at the intersection was deliberate :roll:.
  15. That may be some peoples _perception_, but that doesn't make it true.

    Self delusion is found everywhere :p
  16. sure, bones heal and skin can get grafted, but when one guy got stuck under his bike after crashing with only a tshirt on.... f%*#ing ouch and thanks for 6months off work while he waits for the skin to stitch...

    risk does go towards reward, sure, but I'll keep my full bike gear on,,, stunts are fantastic if noone gets hurt IMHO... I hate seeing people get hurt
  17. Fuggin great stunt video. Crazy buggers.
    Definately felt some of those, ouchy!
    What i'd like to know is, most stunters have tatts,
    why would you spend all that coin on something you were just going to scrape off again?

  18. And that is why our insurance costs are so high :(

    But great entertainment to watch :wink:
  19. Very. The guy who dropped it owes him a case.

    What was the guy at 3.20min planning on doing when he ran up/into that slope?

    And at 5.40min, getting nutted on the controls, that's gotta hurt!