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Stuntman Mickyb vs Sydney cabbie !! . . . damn it was good !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, May 26, 2007.

  1. It finally happen, finally left an imprint on a Sydney taxi :eek: :grin:

    All seriousness I got knock off (gently, no bike damage, no injuries) my bike by a taxi at around 12:30am this morning. It happen on Sussex St where it is 3 lanes one way, the taxi turned into the hotel (can't remember the name) from the middle lane !!! . . yes, middle lane !!!

    I hit the anchors (geeez, those Brembos are fantastic !!) and ever so gently dinged his rear 3/4 panel. My handle bars made contact, and elbow making the imprint.

    I dropped the bike and had my first sensation at kissing metal ! :grin:

    I dropped the bike on its side.

    The hotel concierge quickly ran up to me to assist me and some hotel guests also assisted in seeing if i was okay. The cabbie came out and started abusing me ! :eek:

    I let out telling him that he changed from the middle lane, the spanish blood came out again because apparently I nudged him on the chest. :eek:

    The next took me by surprise . . .
    The occupants of the cab came to my defence and gave the cabbie a mouthful telling him that he changed from the middle lane, and get this . . . told him they aren't paying for the fare !! hahahah. Two ladies walking by also saw it all, and also said it was the cabbies fault for the same reason.
    The hotel bellboy/concierge also gave a blasting and commented on my bike ! LOL . . . because I was not concern for my being and was more concern about whether my bike was okay ! LOL, typical Duc rider, more concern about whether the bike is scratched !

    Anyway, during all the arguing, I told told everyone i was okay. Others there were telling to see a doctor and call the police and stuff. By this stage the cabbie felt pretty low and generally accepted his fault. He was apologetic when i told him, "mate, this time i won't sue the ass off you, my bike it okay, i'm okay . . but next time check your mirrors" . . . . and i rode off.

    You guys are probably thinking . . why ??? did i just ride off ???

    Well, the time line for the night was . . .
    40min ago, i'd finished smooching with a work colleague ;), i've been having lite beer all night and gave myself a good 1-2hrs since the last drink. We had been walking around the quay and stuff ;) - so my mind was else where and i think the afterwork friday drinks was somehow to blame. . . . I put her in a cab, she had other ideas but I had the Duc in the city and did not want to leave it, and i have a busy saturday planned.

    Also, i could not see going through the hassles of getting back at a cabbie where there is no damage to the bike and i'm okay.

    I think I gave the hotel guests a bit of entertainment though.
    Its not every night they see a stunt show ! :LOL:
  2. ah exceelent, welcome to the club micky :LOL: its funny how you could have blood gushing from your head, a limb ripped off and laying 100 meters down the road, and the first thing that happens, is you crawl to the bike to (try) pick it up and make sure its ok
  3. Good on you Mickyb,
    Seems a bit weird that the bikes safety takes precedence over a night in the arms of said female.... Hang on, I get it now.
  4. She sms'ed me just then seeing i got home okay ! LOL
    Told her what happen !

    Man, we aren't even going out and i've just got a mouthful about bike safety !
    WTF !!
  5. probably lucky you had the off then micky, if she doent understand why you ride, best off sweeping her to the gutter beofre things go too far :LOL:


    sorry to any ladies that, that statement night offend, i hold no resposibility to anything i type in such cold conditions :rofl:
  6. Glad your ok bud and your bike.

    Friday and saturday nights are the only times where i refuse to ride in sydney ever! For some reason the danger levels are exponentially high at these times.
  7. oh now you tell me as i'm about to head off up that way :LOL:
  8. Hey Micky,

    you're soft on both counts!!!

    You should have bedded your girl and also punched the cr@pper out of the cabbie :LOL: :LOL:

    By the sounds of it, there would have been NO witness and maybe a couple of helpers as well :LOL: :LOL:

    Still, glad to hear both you and the bike are doing well!!!

    Friday and Saturday nights are when the mad people are on the road ( i think worse than Saturday morning soccer and netball mums!)


    Jeff (balls of steel) kahler
  9. Glad you are ok mate.

    This would have been a P5 accident, with no need for Police to attend, so if you were worried a little about going PCA on the alcometer, you shouldn't have been, and should have exchanged details with the driver.

    Cabbies are renowned for turning it up, and for blaming everyone but their miserable unskilled driving selves for accidents, as evidenced by his rant when he got out of the cab when clearly he turned in from lane2.

    The drive probably didn't own the cab, and he may well be asked to explain the damage when he returns it for the end of the shift. I bet he won't say "well I screwed up and in typical form I turned across 2 lanes and knocked a bike off". He will more than likley say you changed lanes into him, and then sped off, and supply your rego to the owner, and report same to Police.

    I hope you have thye details of at least 1 witness??
    You may get a letter of demand from the cab owner, they can request your details as owner from the RTA (RTA will write to you to advise of request and ask for any objection) and unless you have an objection satisfying them why the information should not be released, they will release it.

    You may also get a visit from Police at the local LAC to the garaging address who will issue you with a form of demand requiring you to supply the details of the rider at the time of the accident, and they will pass that on to the cab owner, and possibly give you a CANs for failing to stop after an accident, and perhaps an offence or two depending on what cabbie tells them happened.

    Cabbies will also claim every single thing they can including demurrahge, and the damage will be quoted at 3+ times what it should be, and unless it isn't drivable they probably won't even fix it.

    If it was anyone but a cabbie, you would probably be ok to do as you have done, but in this case arse covering is everything......
  10. Micky...if you didn't get the cabbies name address, and name and address of teh owner of the cab, go and report it to the police now.

    This will help cover your butt, 'specially if the cabbie does what tweet suggests.

    I had a similar incident...with a sobering outcome.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again. DAMN NAKED BIKES!!

    Glad you're ok.
  12. shoulda played the sympathy card mate :p

    pleased you're ok. c x
  13. Well you are stuffed now mate, nah it's cause she cares. Well that's what she'll say when you have to sell the Ducati to purchase the pram for the twins. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Late night, couple of beers, Sydney traffic and trying to ride home with a boner no wonder ya had an accident. :beer: :bannanabutt: [-X [-X
  14. That sucks, but you should have so followed her home in the cab and bedded that beauty cause that is obviously what she wanted LOL Walks on the Quay ay... you lover boy you hehe

    Now that we have that out the way, that cabbie has not learned his lesson now cause all the copped was a bit of abuse which is now over. You left no long term effect. I would have sued him and got him a ticket for endangering life and driving with undue care or something along those lines. :grin: but then again, im a pr!ck
  15. Arrggghhh ! Good to hear you cme out unscathed Micky.

    Pfft who the hell drinks Light Beers?
  16. Err, people who have to drive? :p
  17. Nancy boys?

    Will :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Whew, Micky, I thought this was going to be a long excuse to weasel out of riding to Eden :rofl:.

    Glad to hear you're ok, old buddy :).
  19. Anyone think it's ironic that he's posting about a cab, then the advertisement below in the 2nd post is for israeli cab services?
  20. Glad to see you made it ok but this highlights that we should NEVER be riding (just) behind a vehicle in any lane directly next to or in our lane. Always give the bike a bit of throttle and get clear of them or brake and give them a 2-3+ second gap. As it's generally said, that accident is "still our fault" because we were riding behind a vehicle without giving a 2-3+ second gap that gives us time to avoid these types of accidents. Anyway, you made it ok this time, you hopefully should remember to back off or get in front of others from now :) And I just hope the situation others above mentioned on how your rego will be taken to the company and/or owner of taxi for further action.