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Stunting cages/Engine protection bars.. Legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vtr_rida, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I'm just wondering if those metal cages stunters use to protect their engine and fairing are legal if purchased as a professional motorbike part.. Or are you better off just fabricating one yourself because they're illegal nomatter what? I imagine insurance companies wouldn't have a bar of it anyway huh.. :mad:

    Also, on a gsxr thou, is it difficult to remove fairings and attach/remove a stunting cage? Time consuming..?

  2. Mine are not for stunting, just for protecting the engine cases, but their legality has never been questioned.


    Fitting them on a faired bike would be a lot more difficult, however....
  3. +1 mine came standard and the cops had it before me
  4. my understanding is that legality would not be questioned if it is not detrimental to the bike chassis, and does not have sharp corners that could endanger the public. (much like cars cannot have protruding sharp edges on the exterior. There goes those wheel-hub spikes.)

    And if you have basic fab skills and equipment (pipe benders etc, you'd be silly to not make your own, otherwise you can pay through the nose at a bike shop/engineering place.


    Although on the thou, I would seriously consider an oggy knob/axle puck/exhaust slider combination on a full faired bike as I imagine any frame would have to run as an exoskeleton the length of the bike (radiator mountings to swingarm), to avoid drilling the fairings, and would mean you would need to remove the frame whenever you wanted to service the bike (though a quick-release system would be easy to fab into the design)
  5. not illegal

    been defected for everything but my cage :)
  6. It would probably a heck of a lot easier to get a naked bike to stunt on...cheaper to fix up too!
  7. Vic Roads Vehicle Inspector said they are fine. [​IMG]