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Stunting bike deterioration

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by vtr_rida, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Ok, so i'm looking at getting a cheap 600 or thou next so that i can set it up for stunting and see if i like it.. However there are many nice second hand sportbikes around the $10k+ range i kinda want for the hills and image :cool:

    My question is, how much damage does stunting do to a bike? They're obviously not designed to take the kinds of pressures exerted so i'm wondering if i should go for a $4k med/high mileage bike and put up with the crappier looks and handling then move on when i (hopefully :? ) get over it.. or just get say a post-2000 gsxr thou and hope it doesnt deteriorate too much..
  2. from what I have seen there are good bikes and there are bad bikes for stunting... the old CBR900's are good of sort if you use thicker oil and a little bit more than recomended... older R1's and R6 are crap coz of their weak gearboxes any GSXR will have problems with oil delivery to the top end if you don't modify the oil pickus... eather way you will be going through headstem bearings so pick one that has cheep aftermarket avalable... so not a R6...
  3. I'm told that a lot of mousetrapping can weaken the engine mounts and cause frame failures, but I've never seen it happen.

    Stunting's not that bad for bikes, LEARNING to stunt is much worse.
  4. Hehe yeh.. :roll:

    Thanks guys, am prob gonna go with the cheaper setup and choose a bike that's more suited/easy to repair, then if i like it and dont sh!t myself tryin to do stoppies and whatnot i'll get a better bike. Hopefully by then i'll have a fair idea of what to watch out for maintenance wise and be smoother and gentler on the frame/gearbox etc.

  5. Always get a Trials bike to practice on....

    At least you'd be able to run it up the steep side of a house....
  6. Early CBR600's are popular, just gear it to down, take the fairing off, fit some 1 piece bars, and braided brake lines.
  7. yeh i'm starting to think maybe f4i, rr, or kwaka 636
  8. Hey boys, Lukey Luke here sighned on as chef.... You are on the money with the F4i, RR and 636... I ride an F4i for stunts and have ridden all of them, i really like the f4i and the 636!! Didnt like the rr too much.... My advice is if your gonna stunt it, its a stunt bike, if your gonna ride it on the street its a street bike.... Cant have both man!!! Trust me!!
  9. Looks like you'll just have to buy 2 then! Get a Honda 600 to stunt on, then a Kawasaki ZX-6 for when you want to actually ride a bike... :p
  10. Keep us posted on what you end up getting, will be really interesting to see what you discover. And don't forget to organise a cameraman :p