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Stunt Training Day - Calder Park NEW DATE AUG 5

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by N*A*M, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Team CUNNINGSTUNTS is in the process of organising a Practice Stunt Day at Calder Park in Melbourne for the 5th August 2007.

    We have about 700m on the straight to use, this will be sectioned off into SLOW and FAST areas to cater for all aspects of stunting.

    Prices will be around $100ish per rider.

    Places are very limited. There are about 5 positions free. I cannot guarantee your position as there is a preference to stunt riders.

    If you are interested, please put your name down.
  2. If you miss out, there will be more events in the future.
  3. Nam - congrats on getting a legit Melbourne stunt operation together, that's a great thing to achieve and speaks volumes about how the sport's evolving in Melbourne thanks to you guys. I'm as broke as Hilton's hymen right now (I did a $140 wheelie last night trying out my new clutch in front of some sneaky coppers) but if things change before the 29th and there's still spots around, I'll be in it.
  4. Bummer dude!

    FYI, Front Up Freestyle are not organising this event. It is due to the hard work of the boys from Team Cunning Stunts (our brothers from up north). But it will be infinitely easier to run more events. If it is a success Calder will be happy to run more. But it sets a precedent for Broadford and Heathcote as well. It will be opening up the doors for further legitimising this awesome sport. There will be some very friendly and skilled riders at this event. If you attend and are prepared to work on your technique, you will learn a lot.
  5. Spectators allowed??
  6. G'day everyone,.......

    I second that question!!

    Dr Who?
  7. i'll find out tomorrow. most likely will be allowed, but i'm not sure at what cost.
  8. well i guess nobody wants to stunt after all. everyone was keen but now they're not. it's cheaper than a fine, and you'll learn much more than anywhere else. a day full of legal wheelies, stoppies and burnouts. what could be better? we'll be bringing a lot of spare rear tyres so you can go sick.
  9. Do I ride my bike or yours? Yours, I'm there, mine, can't afford any accidents, sorry.

    If the track bike is up and running that may change................
  10. You'll find that if you hire the track then you control who you let in to watch.

    Chances are the canteen wont be open so you may need to BYO food & drinks......
  11. A ride day... :wink:
    Or to race. :wink: :wink:
  12. Burnout tyres included!??!!


    Fumbles around in wallet... Grrr. :(

    Can you do burnouts on the Calder track with all that sticky drag racing stuff on it? Rolling burnouts are on my "to do" list.
  13. The sticky drag racing stuff stops at the drag finish line although I'll gaurentee the Calder staff will take a dim view of anyone doing static burnouts, that is just sitting on the one spot, as this tends to dig a hole in the track surface.
  14. Just do it on the burnout area behind the xmas trees on the drag strip.
  15. I'm still interested. :)
  16. wish my snow trip was a week earlier
    would of been good to see how you lads do it
    and get some tips
  17. Hey guys

    The date got pushed back by 1 week. It's now August 5th. Spectators should be allowed. I'll get the details.

    Please copy and paste your name to the list thanks.

    - Nam
    - Loz!!!
    - Spots?

    - Triway?
  18. Ah, sorry, I'll be halfway up to Brisbane on 5/8 mate. Next time.
  19. Participating:
    - Nam
    - Spots

    Uploading Youtube videos of Spots crashing repeatedly:
    - Triway?

    I'm gonna make a fool of myself, just you watch. (Should still be here in Melb that weekend, but I'm getting awfully close to being relocated to another state. Wah.)
  20. Event is confirmed (rain hail or shine). Spectating is FREE so come one come all.