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Stunt riding????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shaneo25, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls of netrider how's it goin?
    I was just curious to know if there is anywhere around the Brisbane area that u can go to legally do stunt/trick riding, and/or places that teach that style of riding...
    I am tossing up between converting my 2002 R1 into a full race bike or full street fighter....

  2. will pm ya dude and give ya all the info. Wont post the website on here. cheers
  3. There should be quite a big network up those ways...

    There's a closed circuit event called stuntskillz and many of the pro guys came down from queensland. I'd love to full streetfighter a bike with the bigass rear sprocket, 12-bar etc. but i'd imagine being able to do everything so easily on the bike with minimal concern for droppage may cause me to be a bit sillier than what i'd consider the norm.

    and then there's the problem of registering a stunter.... unless you have a mate who's a mechanic to do the pink slips, you would have a hard time getting it roadworthy and you will probably get ALOT of attention from the law. The lack of mirrors, modified crash bars and 12 bar stand out like a sore thumb.
  4. Hey thanks kinkybinky I got ya pm appreciate it....
    And hey not4resale, how's it goin? I have the same prob now, I am too worried bout dropping me bike as it is in schmikko condition hence y I wanna get all the safety gear... Will take time to get the cash together to do it but hey, they thrill is worth it yeah...
    I am still deciding wether to convert me R1 I to the full race track bike or fighter but that is y I wanna just learn a bit about both so I can safely say yes I wanna race or yes I wanna stunt... I just gotta get off the road as the way I ride wen by myself is crazy and 1 of 2 things will end up happening need I say wat lol...
    If I dEcide to keep with the speed then I'd rather do it on the track atleast then I can still keep my licence if nuthin else lol....
  5. I know nothing about stunting but would it make sense to buy a repairable wreck cheap -patch it up a bit and use that so if you crash it you dont care should you scratch the frame engine covers etc ? rather than risk damaging a smick r1 ?
  6. yeah i been considering that motolegion, but money is the issue lol as it always is...
    unless someone out there has an old shit box they wanna get rid of real cheap, bit of a handyman here wen it comes to motors so i have no prob fixin 1 up...
  7. Money may be an issue now --- but I am sure the auction bikes are cheap

    check out fowlers they usually have a list of 50 bikes or more all the time.

    The money will be even higher amount if you damage the r1 than buying a wreck - plus the fact you will feel real bad if you do damage it

    where as a bike that is already scratched up you will not care

    The r1 is still worth money it has value -- if you damage it it loses that value plus you have to spend money to fix it - so in essence you are losing twice as much money.
  8. They are real good point motolegion and I have deffinately tKin it on board, will check out this fowlers crowd on the net tonight see wat they got,
    I still wanna have a crack at a track day b4 I make me choice on wether to convert the bike to track or stunting....
    Thanks heaps every1 for ya advice and opinions... Very helpfull...
  9. auction site is manheimfowles with the usual letters before and after..