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Stunt riding in Australia

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by matressking, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hello!

    I did a search fro stunt riding and found a distnct lack of real results! I even tried google for stunt riding in australia and the only recent content was on the Stuntz Inc site.

    Is it a bit of an undergraound thing or does it just not exist as much as it does in the US?
  2. shhhhhhh dont discuss it on here. Come down to melb

    I have a stunt crew called The Ninja Mad RidaZ

    we meet at bp on thursday nights at 7pm

    bring your bike and if you have the skilz you can ride with the TNMR crew.
  3. I watch a guy pull a nice minger for about 200 meters down Flemington the other day and wondered if the "hoon laws" apply to motorcycles in the same way. You never hear anything on the news about problems with motorcycles in VIC. In the US, all we hear about is dangerous motorcycles, very little is ever said about cars.
  4. ozstuntbikes.
  5. cheers all.

    i most definitely do not have the skills but have been chucking myself around doing all sorts of extreme sports since i was a tween, thought i'd look into it!
  6. Matt Mingay.

    Pure Awesome.
  7. Thanks guys! Yes we are a good bunch of blokes....hahahaha
    So is Mingay, Lukey Luke and Co. The stunt world here is very small and most people are very friendly and happy to have more people join in on the fun.

    We started our group here in Canberra after taking video footage of each other riding to basically improve. Esp at the begining you feel like a 2" wheelie is going to make you flip the bike. What most people don't realise is that (esp with ROAD GEARING) that road bikes are 51% ish weight over the front and most people find it hard at the start to get the front wheel off the ground (with any degree of control). Seeing it on video helps your brain overcome your panic switch......

    We concentrated on stunts as far as mono's, stoppies and burnouts as the 3 core disciplines but me inparticular also going fast, knee down etc etc - we were all watching the Performance bike vids.....then along came FTP from Starboyz US and we thought, hey our footage is better quality than this, no one in AUS has released a video......I'd been watching a famous bands concert DVD named (Cunningstunts) and thought this sounded like a great name for a stunt riding company and thus Team CunningStunts were born! (TCS from here on in). Could NOT believe cunningstunts.com was not registered how lucky!

    Since that time our group has expanded to include guys from Sydney (Hi J8) -Ned from Newcastle - El Sammo and Willis from QLD. Willis is currently working for Movie world, El sammo is in China promoting a brand. JB, Bender, Ned all continue to stunt ride at events both in AUS and OS. For me personally, I viewed TCS as a launching pad to try and show I had at least a little riding talent to try and gain some sponsorship for racing, much the way Shakey from PB Mag did, but motorsport being what it is in Oz, it did sort of help me in that alot of people in the industry know us or know of us but hasn't really helped all that much with my racing plans.

    Unfortunately, stunt riding in Australia has always been a bit behind. In fact, I think motorsport in Australia gets a pretty hard time, stunt riding is no different except there's even less places to practice/try it than track days etc as it's seen as hooning more than anything. Also some of the car events ONLY want to see static burnouts. Things like NO HANDER wheelies even though technically far difficult aren't deemed as impressive by the car crowds.

    OP was great, Corey (000 Freestyle and once a member of our team) and Team Cunningstunts would put on 'StuntSkills' - basically a stunt riding day using the OP skid pan/access road and Corey did an excellent job of organising this. Unfortunately now there is no more OP it's making things harder for anyone NSW area.

    Find a local shopping mall car park (or any carpark you can talk to the owners) and get approval to use their area. If no car parks are available or suitable, try local trucking company lots. They usually have massive parking area's for their trucks/trailers and, like us in Canberra, we've been lucky to find such a mob who also race/ride bikes so they were happy to have us there....after we showed them our insurance however.....

    And this will be (IS) the hardest thing atm. MA requires you to hold a minimum 20Mil coverage for ANY motorsport event in Aus. This is probably the biggest reason why pocket bike/pit bike racing is/was hard to get up and running. As soon as you call something a 'race' (VS a practice event for example) you need to have this insurance.

    A little background story - we got access, for the first time of 10years of trying (TCS is now over 10yrs old WOOT!) to an AIRFIELD!!
    It was a smaller country one, excellent owner, plenty of room for camping and basically running a massive event! First time we used the place and a local pilot gaffer taped our camera to the bottom of his plane and proceeded to do a heap of low runs past us as the group mono'd off into the distance....best footage ever !!(and can be found on our site).

    The group that found the place decided they did not want to run the event in conjunction with us (thereby covered under our insurance) as it was 'their' spot. (can you see where this is going?)

    SO they ran the day anyway....no safety at all.....one of the spectators got in the way of a mid stunt, runaway motorcycle and was fuked - into a coma with very serious head injuries :(

    Needless to say the airstrip owner will never again allow motorcycles through his gate......Had they been covered by insurance the owner may still have said bugger off, but at least the injured party and the rider would have been covered by insurance.....now everyone has lost out.

    Hard way to learn a lesson but sometimes, just sometimes it pays to play by the rules.....