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Stunt Cops invade City Streets

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by rc36, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. courtesy MCNews

    A new police bike squad has been set up to patrol the mean streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, on weekdays - and perform stunts on them at weekends.

    The 25-strong crew uses Harleys. You might be reminded of our the UK army's White Helmets. But the White Helmets performed their tricks at display grounds and other off-road locations. No such niceties for the Indonesian force.

    Police Chief Firman Gani is quoted as saying: "On Saturday and Sundays, police personnel driving the Harley-Davidsons will also provide entertainment for people and street users in places that are not too busy..."

    Stunts include standing on the saddle while riding in formation - and through slaloms.
  2. Can't you just direct us to mcnews instead of doing yet another post flood?
  3. You can bet it WON'T include wheelies or stoppies! It MIGHT include breaking down, however!!! lol
  4. 8 lines of text constitutes a flood???

    Gee, and I thought it rained a lot more than that in Melbourne!!!

    :p :p :p :p :p :p
  5. *sigh*
  6. whatever
  7. What a joke this is, bloody indonesia could spend there money on a lot better things than harley's.
  8. but who dosent like to be entertained by a cop on a Harley falling over?
  9. OK....I'm officialy over it....change the name of this site to
    "rc36Honda's offical site for useless information"

    I have now banned myself from reading anymore posts started by YOU.... please, it's great to have conversation, but you are becoming like the bloke at a party who everytime he wanders into a group, they all find a reason to leave.
  10. Oh you poor souls. My heart goes out to you marty & nobby. I don't know how you stand it. I mean -those two older men forcing you to click on their posts & then having to sit there & read the whole thread from start to finish. All I can suggest is for you to go & have a nice warm milo & try & put this whole sorry saga behind you. I can recommend a good shrink if it all gets too much for you.
  11. bite me...... no...I know it's not real clever but fcuk you, sounded so gross!

    I spoke with your shrink Roarin, ..... we had a good laugh about your dick complex
  12. +1

    :roll: its not like theres anything nasty in any of these posts. yeah, maybe the twins are a little TOO eager to post, but the reasons are genuine as far as i can tell.

    but then, maybe its a good thing that you are choosing to ignore everything from these two from now on, cos then my poor widdle eyes wont have to suffer through the moaning about their posts anymore either :LOL:
  13. don't really have anything to say, just thought I would post a reply to rack up my post count....
    now I would like to stick around and chat but I am going to see if I can find something useless to start a post about...........
  14. you know whats more boring and useless than a boring useless post? a whinge about a boring useless post :p

    and you know what takes less time and effort than whinging about a boring useless post? not whinging about it :wink:

    and what happens when you whinge about a boring useless post? it stays up the top of the list and more ppls see it and reply to it because its now contoversial :LOL: :LOL:

    forums are such fun 8)
  15. yep and heres my useless reply....at this rate I will have 3 or 4000 posts in a couple of months.
  16. I thought it was funny Marty.... 455 posts and counting
  17. You really need to calm down. Half the posts I read are of you criticising people for stuff which is unecessary.
  18. whoa. you'all need to calm down and chill in front of the footy. whats with all the bitching?