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stump in the paper [naughty "mod"! sori ]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    huh? huh?
    [mod] :shock: , i'm coming for beer ;)

  2. oh looking sexy
  3. why yes!!!! im HOT HOT HOT!!! [now ya thinking, that up herself attitude is NOT NOT NOT!!!]

    ha ha!

    im ALL jokes matti

    cheers :cool:
  4. Ya own an Armarni T-shirt .. yr clearly loaded and can afford to have stuff stolen without it causing any pain!! :p

    fuggin tools!!!!
  5. aaaawwwww TIM!!!

    the guy got the time wrong and turned up when i was at lunch with mum who INSISTED i didnt get changed into the bright orange bonds singlet i was going to wear :roll:

    bloody mothers!!! :LOL:

    check out my new bracelet!!! went to the jewler to get watch battery changed and left with $200.00 italian bracelet

    and it was about time too :evil: i haddnt spoilt my armani self in a long time :LOL:

    cheers :cool:
  6. Good to hear your a good girl who listens to her mum ... Mums the world over will be pleased :)

    Now, if the the MUMS of people turning up to appointments at the wrong time could have the same influence and made sure their children did what they were told it would be a happier place!! :idea:
  7. well tim, we dont all have good mums but i can consider myself pretty lucky

    BTW, i LOVE my armani T-shirt but am very disapointed cause ever since i got it the first thing out of my friends mouths was

    did you get that free with amarni suite?


    what would a woman want with one of those???

    OH the insanity of those who do not wear armani!!! is there any hope for them???

    maybe i should start the 'those who do not have armani' charity hm? they're clearly in need of help :LOL:
  8. I protest; didn't the idiot reporter listen when you were talking, or did YOU say you lost your leg in a CAR accident??? Surely this was a classic opportunity to state that your accident was a motorcycle accident involving being hit by a car :?.
  9. So, have many chairs have been left at your doorstep? :grin:
  10. D Stump I really feel for you. News like that makes me sick! Low life scum is what they are :evil:
  11. That's it! I'm questioning everyone in a wheelchair I come across:

    "That's a nice wheelchair you've got....DID YOU STEAL IT???"

    Nah seriously though, there are some low bastards around. Even if it was just some d!ckheads kids mucking around, they could have at least put it back.
  12. Here's hoping the people who stole it will be sodomised by an elephant.
  13. :LOL: :LOL: +1. sorry to hear it stump - what kind of a scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling, sh*t-for-brains, moron does this kinda thing? i cannot get my head around it.

    ps you look good in the t-shirt :grin:
  14. Jax, if you want, Loz and I will modify a trolley for your personal transport
  15. hey D Stump
    dont know if anyone has told ya but in that pic of ya in the paper
    you kinda look like trinity from the matrix.. just need darker sunnies and also a skin tight black suit hehe :grin:
  16. More importantly, why leave ya chair outside? [​IMG]

    Thats just asking for it to be stolen Jax..
  17. Just had a thought:

    I bet it was Dawn Fraser, getting you back for the disabled carpark stunt. :grin:
  18. cetreeooke wrote
    blahh haa ha ha ha :LOL: :LOL: she could av too cause my number was on the cripple ticket and she has friends in the rta the sly biatch! thats ok cause my friends and i are in the process of planning another attack on dawn :LOL:

    well dawn fraizer did say she was crippled, maybe she pinched it keep up the act.

    twas outside cause i cant get in and out, i have hire chair inside. i used the chair to walk tipp, if i dont walk her she goes wondering


    i get that a lot [mostly when wearing black leather]

    PLEASE tell me this trinnity person is a woman....please

    :LOL: @ MGrog

    Here's hoping the people who stole it will be sodomised by an elephant.

    PMSL starting :LOL: :LOL:

    only dawn fraiser could fit a description like that!

    but not the t-shirt line, thats not dawn :LOL:

    thanks :LOL:

    :LOL: @ GS5hundy

    thanks scarlet, tis unbelievable


    So, have many chairs have been left at your doorstep?

    never gone from the same place twice. 1 from doorstep, the other 2 occasions were when i was out and about

    HORNET! i deliberately miss-informed her cause i didnt want 'moto bike ran into van' on the page. the media are probably under some kind of rule to put it that way as they always do

    anyway, i hate the words 'motocycle accident' and prefer 'P plater accident' so i kept it at that

    cheers :cool:
  19. here is trinity from the matrix


    i think she looks like you
  20. She does too.