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stump had jeffery dharmar experience

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. yip, look at what time it is! i just got home!

    i watched j d doco the other night too that didnt help :roll:

    one thing i noticed on the doco was that jd wouldnt let his victims leave and thats exactly what happened to me tonight

    fast fwd to drunk stump. she got chips [they got eaten by god knows who] she ordered wedges [they got eaten bgkw] she meant to go across the road for dins [they closed] she got drunk

    so she's playing chess and having fun with old friend and bitching about how he's a ***** [cause he was playing black] and he was calling me white trash and we had fun yelling all sorts of racial harmless insults at each other

    long story short, stump ended up at the guys flat who lives under close friend and close friend went home

    to cut a long story even shorter, when it came time for me to leave that was 'apparently' NOT OK!

    i stared him down as one would a lion who was about to attack and made my way as far as the front door, of which he blocked the path of.

    i stared him down once again and convinced him that it was his fault that i was not staying and pushed past him in one successful swoop [after a half hour chat-a-thon].

    when on my granny scooter and half way home [with my leg doing most of
    the propelling mind you :LOL: ] i was thinking of what other escape plans i could have turned to and then realized


    what would you have done?

    what did stump do?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    i hit the brakes. i went straight back and knocked on his door using my crutches in real 'im a police offficer' style knock

    when he opened the door i put my hand out and said

    'hand it over'

    'i knew you would come back' he said 'i knew you wanted to see me'

    from there [believe it or not] i found my phone and got to the front door without freaky fella

    i even got out the front door and closed it without freaky fella

    no i did not screw him! [oh the nerve of you nrs!]

    i was very relieved to get home tonight, even tho i can see the sun

    i wont be making that mistake again. when the guy i know leaves, im a leaving too [and boy is he going to get an ear full tomorrow, i mean, today :LOL:].

    cheers :cool:
  2. That is the most common story ever.. You were one of the thousand who gets into that corner. I think you already said what went wrong. The buddy system did not work, and tell you mate today, how fraked he was by leaving you alone. Then tell him if he wants to make up for the mistake, he should go to that #$&@# and have a chat with him. If he won't, then go the police, tell them your story, and they will knock on his door.. Someone need to tell him that no is no, drunk or not, late at night or early in the morning. If he did that to you, he has done it in the past and he will do it in the future.

    But the number one prob was you. You allow that to happen to you. You should have seen it coming.. why don't you take a self defense course, or do a year of martial arts. Then, you wouldn't have to say to him twice to get out of your way..

    and who the frak is jeffery dharmar anyway?
  3. What do you mean Jeffrey Dharma?

    There's no mention of cannibalism in this topic at all.....
  4. Stump, you dingbat for allowing yourself to be caught in that classic trap. Gotta stay off the booze, girl, it clouds your judgment :roll:.

    Super, THIS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Dahmer is Jeffery Dahmer.
  5. You passed up a root?

    Damn................... :LOL:
  6. Damn, it reminds me of another Jeffery I know, seriously, if you make him 20 years older, take off the hair and the mo and add a pie …
  7. It just means she wasn't drunk! I think there are some factual errors in that story.
  8. guys, i wasnt sitting in front of the puter crying my eyes out :roll:

    hm, jeffery dhama the cannibal! i forgot about that part! [tis where i turned the telly off] i guess if he gives good head........ach-hem

    i should have left when my friend did but had a fag and a drink going [it was laced too! lucky me!] IM KIDDING!

    :LOL: @vic

    i pass up roots all the time

    cheers :cool:
  9. Well, I don't actually, seeing that I wasn't there (I can't be everywhere at once, you know, contrary to popular "belief").

    she ordered wedges [they got eaten bgkw] she meant to go across the road for dins [they closed] she got drunk

    Hey, D, do you ever post anything that's actually motorcycle related?

  10. not in OFF TOPIC

    and not much anywhere else. i dont have a bike, i lost a leg in a P plater crash

    sometimes i answer questions such as [how loose should my chain be? whats a low side? etc]

    stump it up! :cool:
  11. hey stump, this almost exact scenario happened to a young friend of our family [except she didn't get out] she was only 16! The cops were called and the bloke was charged, got off as it was a he says/she says scenario.

    Allegedly he had a visit from some large genetlemen who reminded him that when he gets out of hospital that he better be nice to young girls and no means fcuk off now!

    This bloke sounds like a knob. :evil: :evil:
  12. shudddddder

    you can guess at what
  13. Im down in sydney next month, need it sorted?
  14. Most assault/**** is by someone you know & trust... they are usually master manipulators.. hence why so few are actually charged..

    And stump when u went back 2 get ur phone when he opened the door i think u should have given him a good kick in the janglies, feck the phone! :grin:
  15. dont mind me, im just considering the logistics of this :LOL:

    yeah, possible :grin:
  16. Hard without the wheelchair, but a good jump kick is still possible.
  17. person above me i think ur names andrew... what does ur avatar mean?

  18. It doesnt quite work shrunk down.

    Read my sig and then look at the avatar.... think of a school painting done by a 5 year old girl.
  19. Hmm... i thought the two little people on the left are carrying money? and theres a woman holding a big stick or something on the right?
  20. Good on you stump for fronting back up to the asshat and demanding your phone back.