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Stumbled upon Netrider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MikeSS, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. I was filling up with fuel at the BP in Elwood and noticed a group of riders in the car park next door cruising around some cones. Popped over for a chat and found out about Netrider. Looking forward to catching up and going for a ride.

  2. Hey mike, im also new here, & stumbled across it too, but whilst researching bike stuff online.. welcome. Theres much information as well as activities to get involved in.. Great site. Enjoy
  3. Welcome to you both..
    Your 'stumbling in' as you put it, is the result of years of Jason fine tuning things here to make sure that if anyone searches the 'Net for anything even vaguely motorcycle-related, they'll hit Netrider first..
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  4. Hello both, welcome aboard, nice to have you along.
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  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome to NR..

    I did notice your bike today... Come around again. There was an afternoon ride as well today...
  7. Welcome, and if you are new to Netrider you might also want to check out Melbourne Street Riders on facebook and meetup.com
  8. Welcome :D