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Stuffed if I'm doing any work today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. The rest of the office is on leave.

    I'm here to 'cover off' on any 'customer issues' that may arise. The thing is, all the 'customers' are on leave as well. Maybe Santa will need some tech support.

    so stuffed if I'm doing any work today.
  2. What alternatives do you have?

    Obviously you can surf the net. Anything else to pass the time?
    Go down the pub?
  3. Shake the weasel.
  4. Strangle the dolphin?

  5. Wanna come and write this bloody network upgrade proposal??? has to be done by 3:00
  6. Come help me do the new server roll out. Shit keeps breaking around here and I'm so busy fixing the fiddly bits I can't fix the real problems :( anybody want to hire me? I look good on the mantlepiece :D
  7. Nah ive got server rollouts in early jan...... everything is ready to go.... just Plug and Pray!!

    I think we are hiring in the new year some time...... mostly analysis, development plan stuff though :D interview are today though
  8. It's all good I can still make it! /me jumps on the Spada
  9. What a bloody boring day.

    I'm a team leader in a contact centre - we've had 200 calls for the day.

    Time to start sending people home methinks....
  10. I know Mrs Scumbag has not done much work today. She is alread in at the Bear Brass and has been since lunch time. Must be time I moseyed my way in there.
  11. Take a leave day.

    Worked for me...
  12. I'm planning 2006 and there's a lot of riding to fit in... 8)

    Gotta get my priorities right.
  13. My shifts got me days off over chrissie :)

    Although I probably should have finished my scripting before I left...oh well next week is good too
  14. I hardly do work during normal times but during Christmas it has just got ridiculous. Work is pretty much paying me to surf the net.