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stuff work

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steltzer, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. what a nice day, i am blowing off work and going for a great ride!!:bolt:

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  2. What! :deal: get back here and support this economy, are you there, echo echo echo ... =D>
  3. Lucky bugger, wish i could do that!
  4. 'ken A!!! Just put one of those dunking fluid filled glass birds at your desk to tap the keyboard every now & then. Like Homer Simpson!
  5. shhh my boss might be reading
  6. what a great ride, went from croydon north, up to yarra glen, up the slide to kinglake, down thru st andrews and into hurstbridge, around to greensborough, down thru rosanna rd, onto bullen rd and onto the eastern, then eastlink back to croydon north, freakin great ride. some noob was holding up traffic around springvale rd on the eastern, saw an R1 spliting the traffic, stuff it! decided to split for the first time, right up the highway, i would still be there if i didn't lol dam that felt good!
  7. nice one mate (y)