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Stuff to do on the boring side of Brisbane

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JuzzyDee, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Hey Brisbanites.

    I'm stuck in Banyo/Mitchelton and in between for tonight and possibly tomorrow night.

    What's fun out here? Everytime I'm out here I'm bored out of my brains.
  2. You're not to far from mount mee, nebo and glorious.
  3. riding, bowling, movies, beach, golf, go to a bar and pick up some chicks, eat out at fancy restaurants and order or say weird shit... "can i please have a runny boiled egg with some sauerkraut and some Tricholoma matsutake mushrooms?"... start smoking a cigar, and when they tell you it's not allowed, tell them that THEY are not allowed, and just keep insulting them. when they go to get the manager, just tell them that you'd like to order.
  4. Lol I don't have to try hard to order weird shit. I am weird, I'm a vegan (go on, make fun of it, you know you wanna!)

    I looked into hiring a bike while I'm down here, but they wanted $300 for 1.5 days :(

    Good news is I only have to entertain myself tonight now, going home tomorrow :)
  5. I don't care what you eat :) So long as I can eat what I wish to, it's all good.
  6. Meh. I'm lacto-vegetarian.

    If you simply want something to pass the time, and don't feel a need to make use of your location, you could wiki-walk through TVTropes until a webcomic (or other freely available story type thing) attracts your attention.
  7. Banyo/Mitchie - not exactly next door to each other. Go see a movie at Chermside or Stafford. Or grab a bite to eat on Blackwood st Mitchie. the Vietnamese next to the Mexican could possibly do something vegan. Dunno what you're into (other than bikes) so can't really help much.
  8. I think I'm mistaken. Seems I meant Hamilton :p working in banyo staying in Hamilton. I might go have a flutter on the hounds. Staying at the riverview, so not far to tumble home. Albion Park is Wednesday night yeah?
  9. Ah Hamilton. . .
    Well you have the Dogs/Horses in the area. Down the road a bit is Dockside (on the river funnily enough) that has a cinema. Otherwise Pubs include Breakfast Ck and the Hamilton.
  10. day trip to the buderim factory
  11. Im a self confessed meatosaurus, but in the last couple years (funnily enough since meeting my vegetarian missus) ive been eating more and more vegies. If only i could get her to eat meat, but she is one of those who wont eat it because its killing animals... but thankfully doesnt force that view on others - or we wouldnt have survived the first date :p. Ive just learnt to adapt my cooking style to suit us both - namely making things that at some point i can separate out a saucepan and add some bacon or the like to :p.
    She does get a little offended though when i refuse to brush my teeth after an awesome steak so she can kiss me though. Cmon woman at least let me enjoy it for 10min or so :p. (she is going to read this tomorrow...).

    edit: Oops, on topic... I dont know mate, every time ive been that side of brisbane for a few days, ive gone into the city to find something to do :p.
  12. do they still make Vegans these days? Geeze!
  13. Hopefully she eats some meat. Lack of protein can be bad for you :p