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stuff to do in sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. hey all,
    have a friend in the USA who's coming to australia in late april & will be spending some time in sydney & wants a list of 'things to do'
    i have already given him a list of 45390280 things to do, but wondered if there are any particular musical/theatrical/sporting etc events happening at that time of the year he should make an effort to see?

  2. If they are a Yank, the best thing would be for them to do is NOT to leave the airport and get the next plane outta here :rofl: :rofl: :bolt:
  3. You are a charmer, aren't you Jeff. Edgie asked for advice, not racist shit.
  4. I've yet to meet a sepo I haven't liked.

    Anyway... the main thing I keep thinking of is Two-Up/Bar Fights on ANZAC day. That'd be fun.
  5. Very true - they should get out of town as fast as they can...

    and come to Melbourne to really enjoy themselves. :p :LOL:
  6. definately recommend a harbour cruise
    been on a few when family friends have visited overseas, they're neato.
  7. Try http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/whatson/index.aspx for concerts/plays at the Opera House.

    Sporting events, no idea.

    Harbour cruise is a good idea, but if he catches the ferry to Manly he will get a 45 minute harbour cruise for a very small outlay.

    The Blue Mountains can be reached by train, so that's another thing for your friend to do.
  8. good idea, it's a two and a half hour train to Katoomba. Three Sisters, the Scenic Railway, not sure of the sky-way cable car is still operating, but great place for tourists.

    and they can tick "aussie bush" off their list of to-do things
  9. Sydney Harbour Bridge walk is a must...
    Tooronga zoo is good if they're into any of that?
    What sports do they want to see? There's an abundance of Rugby matches they could go watch, or even an AFL match or 2...
    The next Australian Superbike round in NSW isn't until October :cry:
  10. Take them jet boating on the harbour cost about $60 for half an hour ,you can get them at Circular quay ,they can see the harbour and have a good speed run and a few 360's ,then go to the opera house as your next to it anyways ,a few shots of the bridge etc .
    There is a few places to eat along there also with the harbour as the back drop.

    Walk along george street and into the rocks area ,you can do tours they shows you the history of sydney ,see the old houses etc.
    Stop in to some of the old pubs ,there all tourist friendly.

    Do the sydney habour bridge climb , cost about $120 ,you may need to book now.
    Walk up george street with 100 duty free shops and see the center point tower ,and up to china town and to paddys markets ,they can buy 1000 koala bears for $20.
    And all their Sydney T shirts cheap cheap.. :wink:

    Like atropos said ,get the ferry to manly its cheap and there is good food and the beach etc. {cheap day out} :grin:

    Or get the ferry to watsons bay ,see the harbour and GREAT seafood at the end and great views of the harbour.


    Get the bus to Bondi ,and look around maybe have a swim had a beer at the World famous ice bergs .

    Just a few things ,I sugest when ever I get asked. :wink: