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Stuff it! I'm giving this youtube thing a go!

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by ArbitraryEmu, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've been really bored during uni semester break so I've decided to try this youtube thing out. Would really appreciate any feedback, advice, or tips some of you more experienced guys might have.
    If you read the comments on my first video I kind of got a thrown a bit of a curve ball with regards to race. I'm finding this a little tricky because I don't want to offend or alienate anyone. I think I handled it fairly well with my replies, but some advice here would be great!
    Check it out! also don't laugh too hard lol!


    Cheers guys!
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  2. Nice bikes you got there, look forward to the next instalment. Don't think you need to thank the traditional owners of the land on your videos, probably more fitting to thank the italians for producing such nice bikes;)
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  3. Lovely collection of bikes and you don't come across as a whiny biatch therefore you are already better than 80% of the Vloggers who post here and on ewetoob.
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  4. Nice! I really enjoyed the video introduction to your channel. Keen to hear the progress of Project Sally as you fix her up. As a new rider, I'm very interested to follow Tegan on her journey as a learner! Keep us posted!
  5. good job Chris with the Italian cousins - I hope that was Peroni you were drinking! subbed.
  6. Thanks Kate! Part of what I would like to establish is a good source of info for all riders old and new! I want to encourage everyone to give the hobby a go!
    Sally will be interesting, she's legitimately been sitting under a tarp out the back for about 2 years, and hasn't been started or run for almost 5! I feel like it may frustrate me to tears........ interesting watching nonetheless!

    Haha, not Peroni it was a filthy corona tallie! Imported at least lol!
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  7. Thanks everyone here for the comments, I've noticed that my subs and views have doubled overnight....... netrider will definitely have to get a shout out for next vid!
    Really appreciate the support!
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  8. Sounds like you've got plenty of material to work with. Watching with interest.

    Btw someone's been messing with your bike while you were gone mate. I'm sure you parked it nose in at the beginning...
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  9. Need more ride footage mate
  10. I'll swap you a sub for a sub ArbitraryEmuArbitraryEmu ;)

    Looking forward to more vids :)
  11. Hmmm, looking forward to the "investing in a track bike" series :)!
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  12. Its on the way! I dusted of my GoPro and I've got a Sena 10R on the way so people can hear my stupid voice while I'm riding!

    Sounds good! Whats your Channel name??
  13. hehe 69SIM, I'm pretty original you know ;)
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  14. Nice video .. My only suggestion would be to use a better mic setup (budget pending) , perhaps a clip on etc

    Keep up the good work!
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  15. Well played!! Subscribed!!

    Cheers, Yeah my budget is pretty low at this stage, I literally made the vid on my laptop, but if it picks up pace I'll definitely get some gear!!
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  16. Hey all, my second video is up, a little bit of ride footage this time haha!

    If you watch it, you'll see that I'm crook as a dog so its a little half assed! got my bluetooth headset, but it seems I need an add on for my GoPro..... thats in next months budget! The review of April was pretty half assed too, planning on making the next one for the 1299 much better and much more comprehensive.....

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, its only been up for a few days but seems to be lacking compared to the last one :-/

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  17. Woot, welcome to the YouTube world Emu - I'm still in the teething stage with my own setup too!

    I'm subscribed too, hope you have fun making stuff!
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  18. Welcome to the awesome world of vlogging. It's very addictive but I should warn, people here are very rude when you post. Hopefully you have more luck.
  19. read the comments - not one is rude
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  20. Quite supportive actually. And more importantly, any feedback was well received.
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