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Stuff from Sweden at 4am

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hi folks it's 4am and broad daylight here in far north Sweden, I'm vpn'd into my office in Perth, and all is well with the world. Tomorrow is my day off, and I've just returned from a 2 hour 'night' ride on a borrowed CX500 'Plastic Maggot' through a billion acres of pine forest. First point about riding in Sweden is THEY HAVE ELK's !! Now if you think hitting a roo is a bit dodgy, try a freakin Elk, they are humungous bastards! There are no fences and the trees come right to the edge of the road. I'm told that cars and trucks hit them regularly, so I'm riding in a constant state of enhanced fascination. The bloke that lent me the bike is a pom living in Sweden, and he told me a sad tale last night, it won't mean much to the bulk of netriders, but any who have have lived or ridden in the UK will probably be aware of the legendary Chelsea Bridge meets on Friday nights, well they are no more. After 50 years of bikers meeting there for a pie and a cuppa, a few idiotic hoons have managed to get all parking rescinded and the meet is dead. I remember a couple of hundred bikes getting together at 'The Bridge', with never a problem, but the selfishness of a small minority has ended a 50 year institution forever. There is a clear lesson here, but I know damn well that the kind of rider who ruined it for all will not give damn about anybody but themselves. Ok, well it's time to disconnect, have a couple of Swedish beers and turn in......I'll post again in a few days as I'll be pretty busy for a while after my day off......bye for now.

  2. incitatus dont be a dickhead - forget the bike riding, there is so much svenska flicka to enjoy there, such a liberal minded country, wish i back there again, hope your still up to it dude.
  3. mmmm.... midnight sun. now that's the way to find time to go riding !!!

    well, Victoria's going to have an extra month of daylight savings soon... we'll have to make do with small mercies.

    great stuff Inci. thx for posting. have a blast mate.
  4. What is this svenska flicka of which you speak?
  5. check your avatar :)
  6. And if he isn't, VIAGRA!!! :grin: :cool: :LOL:
  7. He's travelling with the handbrake isn't he?

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Yeah.. bout time you lot caught up with the Taswegians :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. hmmm.. going riding or watching pr0n....

    going riding.... or pr0n?

    Pr0n you can get anywhere, but how often does an ozzie get to ride in daylight @ midnight, in a natural pine forest, whilst dodging Elk?

    Baah... he's not a *d$&kh%^d*, think of all the "live action" he could get telling swedish midnight elk adventure stories in bars when he gets back to WA!

    pffft to pr0n!... like the wife says.. "I'd rather do it that watch it"!!

    EDIT: Too bad about the Chelsea bridge tho... :( tis true what you say, sadly the minority spoilt it for the rest, and they just dgaf
  10. Iffracem 'svenska flicka' translated means Swedish girl not Swedish film as i guess your thinking, so my comments where about making p0rn not watching it, you gotta get out more, preferably out of Tasmania and the last century, good luck with that.
  11. Hey Inci,
    i spent 6 weeks working in FNS 10 years ago,
    they herd the elk up there, look out for plastic garbage bags tied to trees, poles, ets at the side of the road it means they have a heard in the area, there is a law/rule i believe that if you hit and kill an elk you have to take it to the farmer and help him butcher it, he then gives you half the meat :)

    You HAVE to go over to the high coast and check out the scenery and the suspension bridge.

    see if you can catch the comedy show they have, it's basicaly an hour of jokes/skits bunging crap on the Fins, piss funny.

    also from memery if Mrs Insi likes crystal they make some beautifull stuff (Swarovski may be?) up there some where, it was cheap as compared to prices in Aussie
  12. What's the flying like over there Inci?
  13. That sure is enjoyable.