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Studly Park Boulovard

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tcox, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. hey guys im about to get my L's next week and a bike soon after, just wondering if any of you guys every ride the studly park bolovard, the road the goes across the eastern fwy, my house is just at about 60m down from the end of it kew was thinking that it might be a good place to advance my road skills but dont know weather its hard to ride or not, im not talking about speeding along it by the way.

  2. hey buddy,
    yeah ive been there a few times, i work close by so sometimes when i feel like going for a squirt id head down. not too bad during the week. id stay away during the weekend.. alot of people and coppas sometimes hang around.
    Be carefull of the last big right hander (coming up the mountain) it starts as a nice little right hander but then turns back on itself almost caught me out the first time i rode there.
  3. hi Tcox I used to ride it every weekend but they made the speed limit 50ks so not many go there much these day. It used to be great 30 - 50 bikes every weekend. Its a good road to get used to cornering specially if you stay at the 50k limit as learner.
  4. Hey,

    It's certainly not a bad road to take a ride along every so often but I wouldn't focus on it too much. The road surface is average in some places, with rippling and a slightly uneven surface of the road in some places.

    It's not horrendous but if you're new to riding it can put you off your line badly and I remember finding myself concentrating on the road 10 metres in front of me far too much, rather than other aspects of riding.

    It's a 50km speed limit and this is enforced stringently and is regularly patrolled/radarededed. I've had plenty of friends booked only a little over the limit in both cars and bikes, and they hide everywhere. Make sure you do a lap before attempting to go any faster round there, for both obstacles (branches fall onto the road occasionally after winds/storms) and cops.

    I'm not advocating speeding round there, especially if you're new to riding, but if you've done the road a few times, it's quiet, and it's a nice day it can be a fantastic ride.

    The only other thing I've noticed is that around dusk there's often plenty of cars, mostly utes from what I've seen, that race round there. Watch out for them coming round the corners in your lane.

    If you're that close though it's a brilliant road to cruise round - don't be put off by what I've been saying, this is just stuff to look out for as a brand new rider. Good luck mate.
  5. People used it as their own personal reace track till the council slowed it right down bu narrowing it and then by the Police patrolling it.

    There are far too many bicycles/walkers on that road to be speeding on.

    The surface is pretty bad, not something that a new rider should be focussing on to improve their skills.

    Go out to Christmas Hills. 80km/h limit now though, down from 100 :(

    But some really easy bends for new riders to have a ball on.

    Whatever you chose, stay safe.
  6. I used to live in Kew when I was first getting around on my bikes 20 years back. The roads used to be great. Now its all fugged up :cry:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. yeah i got a 70 in a 50 speeding fine there and the road surface sucks donkey balls.
    It's good for a cruise though