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Students who ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Uni/tafe students post up where you're at.

    I'm at Monash Caulfield and when i started there it was me and zx2r that parked in the bike area, now on some days there are 10+ bikes parked there (Plus 2 hot scooter girls).

    There could be someone who you know off the forums parking next to you every single day :)
  2. monash berwick, and i'm the only bike there except for one scooter guy, i also go to monash caulfied every now and then, i'm hoping to do subjects there next semester as it's A LOT closer to my home.
  3. Ballarat Uni, Mount Helen Campus - there's a few bikes around but I'm not sure on exact numbers since there's no shortage of bike parking spaces (the Uni doesn't seem to mind where bikes are parked as long as they're not in the way - under stairs and overhead walkways are usually popular spots)
  4. I'm at ANU in Canberra. Riding in to uni is great. I get free parking in hte middle of campus, while car drivers have to park miles away or pay $$$.
  5. QUT Gardens Point... Not sure if any one knows the bike spot there but a heap of bikes. All diffrent types. I would say 40-50 every day. I think though alot of the people there just park there bikes there then walk into the city. Grr Uni parks should be for Uni students! We are poor and cant pay for the parking elsewhere!! (or cant be botherd to get to the free ones before they fill up)
  6. What about Teachers

    I ride to Sunshine to work
    Victoria University

    There are few bikes around
  7. OH MY GOD!!

    They let Uni students ride murderboikes now!

    I wasn't to be trusted with an egg beater at Uni, let alone a motorbike. :grin:

    What is the world coming to.
  8. Vtr , we still dont trust you with a egg beater , I saw waht you were doing to your self with the last one. How is that bike going ?
  9. Swinburne Lilydale... :oops: never see any other bikes there...
  10. Slowly mate slowly. I have had my hand stuck in a whisk for the past 4 days, so once I remove that, I will put the fork into the little 400/4 over the weekend.
  11. If you need a hand give me a yell . Will we see you this fri night ?
  12. I'm at Monash Caulfield, but doing it by correspondence now. There were always quite a few bikes parked around S building when I was on campus.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. Ballarat Uni (MT Helen) as well...

    Like JD said they're pretty relaxed about where people park their bikes.

    I'm working Part-time at IBM Ballarat at the moment which is also on the UNI grounds, and there's about 5-6 people there who ride bikes to work regularly. Again, they park just about anywhere as long as they're not in the way.
  14. I'm at Monash Clayton.

    Heaps of bike around out there in the many various designated bike parking zones.

    Even more scattereed around the place in non designated areas.
  15. ...

    I'm at the University of Wollongong, just south of Sydney.

    Lots of bikes in the designated spots every day. Maybe 15-40.

    I park all year for what a car driver pays about 2 weeks for :LOL:
  16. I'm at Monash Caulfield. Pity I dont have a bike anymore. - grrrrrrrr.... soon.....I used to park the ZX6 in front of D block. Became a hassle to carry canvases (art des student) and the plastic tubes can swivel around and clack the back of ones helmet which is a bit irritating :))
  17. swinburne hawthorn (tafe)

    there is clusters around the tafe buildings... i think 3 designated bike park spots... but i usually get a spot right next to the stairwell... much more convenient...

    also... who's the guy on what sounded like either an RGV or RS250... doing the stoppies next to me on my way home???
  18. I work at Melbourne Uni but only commute via the bike occasionally.
  19. garden's point QUT, blue 2004 kwaka zx636r amongst the other 70 odd bikes crammed into a carpark that is designed for about 50 bikes.