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Student puts her virginity up for auction

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Farab, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Alrighty then:


  2. She thinks very highly of herself!
  3. This sort of shit has been done before.
    Inevitably ebay pulls the auction.
  4. Apparently its not being done via e-bay, but via the Bunny Ranch's (in Nevada?) website to get around legalities.
  5. 2.5million is a lottery win! Hell though... it'd better be worth it... on all levels.
  6. I'll ask the inevetable....

    IS SHE HOT!!!?????

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. If someone is so desperate to pay £2.5million for a root then they are probably going to enjoy it at a rate of £0.625million per second.
  8. Does the 2.5 mill include about three years of foreplay ???
  9. Which leaves the question...how good could she possibly be?
  10. What's the bet the winning bidder will want something involving pelicans.
  11. But wouldn't someone selling their virginity be a little to weird.
  12. Does she have change for a bottle cap?
  13. meh.

    Virginity is over-rated.

    'teeth darling.... mind the teeth...teeeth...ah gads'

    and where are her nipples? tying up her laces?

    no ta.
  14. :LOL:
  15. I first saw this on HD Forums Australia a few days ago


    Someone on there said 'ha ha she just set the feminist movement back 100 years,' So true!

    Who ever is the person paying is getting way ripped off just tp get some 'virgin' who at 22 probably is not a virgin. But to pay that much for what you can get free it must be just loose change for him, or someone may be pretending to bid that much to make her think she is special lol,

    Either way, she is just another whore, who is just objectifying women.
    And women say its guys who objectify them when its just other women like her.

  16. Firstly, I must congratulate her on her successful business venture.

    Though I always find it strange that a virginity would be that highly coveted. I don't remember doing anything well the first time I tried, whether it was cricket, basketball, motorcycling (stalled it on a sand mound), potato peeling, chopping up carrots, drawing, eating pasta, etc.

    I guarantee she's a dud lay.
  17. Worlds most expensive starfish
  18. Right on. Ideally you want somebody who's still well and truly in the exploratory phase but knows what she's doing.

    Still, there's people out there who get off on sniffing socks, dressing up as ponies, and hammering nails through their own goolies. I guess a virgin-deflowering fetish shouldn't really be all that controversial.
  19. Many years ago while working a ski season in a chalet in Austrian alps, a very VERY VERY rich guest we had staying with us, one with a credit card that had no limit, offered me free skiing anywhere around the world :-s providing :deal: I was, ummm :-k how do I put this politically correctly, at his disposal shall we say :bannanabutt:

    To a bike rider, thats kinda equivalent of being offered every bike you ever wanted, to take for a :woot: whenever you want, accept you have to have a stack at end of every ride and you and bike come to a grinding halt, with tailpipe getting plugged at end of it :?

    So no, all buttscuttling innuendo's aside 8-[ thanks but no thanks, I had to decline his gracious offer.
    I felt like Demi Moore in indecent proposal :oops: