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Stuck throttle

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ksystemz, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Got 2 stories but main one is...

    Got my scooter out yesterday started it up and studdenly it went and i went over a bump and did like a mono and my registration broke an my carry metal thing stracted a little and a lil bit on the platic mud pretecter. thing is i didnt use the trottle at all it just went! does this happen ? i nearly crashed really lucky..

    Got postie from work , also and i ended up with cuts on my leg from kick trying to kick start it. its a b@!tch, what can i war to prevent that
  2. Can you repeat this in a language we can understand?
    I really don't understand what happened here.
  3. Did you get the compression stroke? :?: if not it can bounce back and get you...

    The first thing I always do is to slowly kick it through and "feel" the compression, Now give it one healthy kick, and it should push through and start instead of bounce back and get you. Or wear boots with shin armour :idea:

    On the other prob, not sure what your talking about...
  4. Well i did post at 7am , so was a little sleepy.

    Yesterday i took my scooter out of my garage , When i was already to go , i started her up and suddenly i went flying. I hit a bump and did a mono and the back side of it , hit the ground which caused a little damage. The thing im getting at is, the throttle was stuck , which it was why it caused me to move once i started it. Since it's a new bike i dont think it should have got stuck. Do i take it back to the dealer or wait till my service is due
  5. Call the dealer tell them what happened and to come pick it up ,don't ride it.
  6. Never ridden a scooter so I don't know how they work but, If it's dangerous take it to the dealer, you might take off in the middle of traffic and end up under a truck :shock: . Don't chance that
  7. I thougth scooters were Auto?
    If no hand on brake it will go automaticly.

    Edit that to add, if you turn the key and have no hand on the brake it will take off, slowly but will still go. Like a car in Drive, and with no foot on the brake. Will go but slowly.

    Unless you started it no hand on brake, then when it started you grabbed at it , and in the process cranked it on a little more by accident?
  8. You have to turn the trottle to move . And use brake also to turn it on. , this wasnt just 20km/h it was alot more. Coz i hit the bump my hand came off the brake lever. i'm Pretty sure i didn't crank it.
  9. I think you may have inadvertently cranked it.
    Try starting it again but this time check your throttle position.
    if the problem doesn't repeat itself put it down to user error.
  10. Maybe the the throttle cable became dislodged from its correct position, have a bit of a look and wiggle of it, it may relocate? If you hold the brake on hard when you start it, even if the bike is stuck at full throttle, the brake will over power the engine.

    As said earlier, if the throttle is stuck open, do not ride the bike, get your nearest bike shop to pick it up and have a look at it.
  11. Its under warrenty , 2 days after i got it , the brake lever was loose , had to tighten it , there is a buzzying noise on front brake lever and it squeeks also
  12. Mate if your sure you did rev it ,take it back ,its not worth it ,to just past it off as a once of thing.

    I have had brand new throttle jam ,it dose happen on new products.
  13. Well just tell the guys at the shop where you got it from.
  14. yeah mate, take it back and get them to look at it.
    cant hurt to get it checked out.
  15. Also L's test got it tommrmoz on a scooter easyier then the cb's?
  16. If its anything like here in Perth, if you do the test on a scooter then you'll be restricted to automatic bikes ie scooters. If so then obviously do the test on the CB so in the future you can ride whatever bike or scooter you want.