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Stuck Screws :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by say_wat, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I pulled my carbies out to give it a clean and i can't get the blooming screws out of the carbies. I've tried wd40, and hammering it slightly etc ... nothing, and they're starting to round! any other ideas?

    (or, anyone willing to lend me an impact driver)

  2. I was gonna say hammer or e-lube... Let us know what finally breaks it!
  3. Can you heat them up?
    Generally this is the best way to undo a stuck bolt, but maybe carbies are too delicate for this.
  4. Make sure they are well drained first as well.
  5. EVERY tool box should have an impact driver. Best tool I ever bought and they are only about $7-00.
  6. That's cheap... I might just go buy one tomorrow (supercheap?) :$ hope it works... stupid carbs - I just broke a heavy-duty philips head screw driver!!!!!!!

    I was thinking of heating them up with a welding iron...but i'm not sure if its a good idea with the petrol/carbs/alloy issues (although its drained).
  7. I've been know to cheat by filing the edges straight so I can use a small spanner to take them off...then buying new screws to put it all back together :)
  8. Soak them in penetrene?
  9. Hey vic, is that very different to WD40?
    The screw is very stubborn, considering it broke the tip clean off a chrome-vanadium screw driver. I used my weight as downforce, and plyers for torque and when I heard a crack, i got all happy thinking the screw has broken loose... looked down and went 'wtf?!'. I've experienced screws rounding off and even breaking - this was a first lol.

    The worst thing is, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the screws are stuck! bigtime WTF?
  10. I assume they are phillips head.

    Tie the carbies down somehow.

    Put the screw driver in. Load it to one side (obviously counterclockwise) and strike the back of the screwdriver with a hammer.

    don't use heat and be careful what chemicals you use. You don't want to damage any rubber bits.
  11. When I worked in an engineering store, the engineers all used penetrene to remove stubborn screws & bolts. They said that WD40 wasn't anywhere near as good.

    No first hand experience as I wore a suit and they were the ones getting dirty ;)
  12. Unless of course they've been put in there with some of that "permanent" red threadlock. In which case heat is the only way you're going to get them out.
  13. Use a high-wattage soldering iron on the head of the screw, rather than a flame. That way the screw and the threadlocker get the heat before carbie body. The alloy in carbies (working from memory - maybe this is only old Amals) has a high zinc content and low melting point
  14. Use a small Vise grip. Take care.
  15. If you do eventually round of the phillips head just use a dremel or a small file and turn the screw into a flat head type. I find you can get more grip/leverage with a flat head screwdriver.
  16. I recently managed to dismantle an old, corroded Villiers carb off a Seagull outboard by sticking it in an old deep fat fryer filled with hydraulic oil for a couple of days and switching it on whenever I was in the workshop.

    The repeated heat cycling and the penetrating qualities of v. hot oil worked a treat and the stuck bits practically fell out on their own.

    I can't guarantee that this won't f#ck up any plastic valves/rubber diaphragms though. Not much that isn't metal in an old Brit carb.

    I can't guarantee you won't burn your house down either :grin: .
  17. +1
    Has worked wonders in the machine shop
  18. I had the same problems when i took my carbies out for a clean, even rounded 2 of the screws. One of my friends dad had a good idea to just get a hack saw and turn the philips head into a flathead, then hammering a flathead screwdriver (lightly) into the screw. This was the only way we could take it out without rounding it off. I`m still using the flathead screws and all works well.
  19. I'm totally screwed trying to find ways to unscrew these screws. Impact driver having no effect watsoever (besides rounding them), and out of the 8 screws, only one unscrews (but that was from before). I've tried heating them, i've tried soaking them, i've even broken screw drivers on these. There isn't enough space around it to saw a slit in them so thats out of the question now.

    I'm thinking i'll take it to a mechanic and ask him to just unscrew them.. wonder how much they'll charge.
  20. So you can't do what I said? File them straight on either side and undo them with a tiny spanner.