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Stuck on Ps, mature but not experienced - bike suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dc, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. So the RTA seem to have made their mature age rider scheme clearer - over 30 AND held NSW license for 5 years. (Some of the website said over 30 and GOLD license, which I have.).

    I'm just wondering what other LAMS bikes are good for longer/ bigger rides. Something fairly sporty and grunty and not too low in the seat or cramped.

    Riding a ZZR just now but it's pretty low and I find it quite annoying sitting at 7000rpm cruising on the highway. Lovely bike, just starting to find it a bit dull.
    (and yeah the fact my gf and riding partner has a CBR600F4i is a small factor... I am a boy.)

    Just wondering if there is much of a "trade-up" from the ZZR in the LAMS range. I don't know too much about most of the bikes on there.

    What are these CBR250RR things like then? Would I find a big difference at speeds over 60kms? Are they much more powerful than a ZZR?

    Also looking at VFR400s too, would appreciate some comments on these too.

    I know I could go find the raw facts but I much prefer varied and biased personal opinions instead. Would much rather ride something that made lots of people grin than something that had a higher max HP on paper... :)
  2. Have a look at some of the kwaka zephrs i think some of them are lams.Dont wasre your time with a 250rr :grin:
  3. Re: Stuck on Ps, mature but not experienced - bike suggestio

    Sounds like what you're looking for is a Honda NTV650 Deauville which is on the LAMS list, though the current 700cc model isn't. Not a particularly exciting bike but easy to find one in exceptional condition for about the same price as a well (ab)used VFR400.
    A CBR does have slightly more power, but nowhere near enough to justify switching bikes. Especially since the ZZR is better suited to touring in the first place.
  4. speaking from experience, I can recommend a Hyosung GT650. I have the naked version but you can also get the full fairing, sporty GT650R version or the touring GT650S version which is the same as the naked in riding position with a bikini fairing and little things luke a ruck sack and heated handlebars..

    I love mine and my brother just baught the GT250R which is also fun but I can notice alot less power even though mine is LAMS and thus restricted in power.

    the good thing about these bikes (the 650's) is that you can have it unrestricted and you end up with a full 79 horses out of the Vtwin motor.

    If you have abit more to spend I think you can get the Suzuki SV650 which the Hyosungs are a copy of (ofcourse a better build quality) but they cost abit more and I dont think they are on the LAMS list *someone will correct me if i'm wrong*
  5. keep riding the zz-r til you have enough experience to do your P's, then go and get a SV650s, won't be over the top powerful but it will last you longer then any lams bike

    its a great all rounder
  6. DL 650 Wee-strom???
  7. he said sports :LOL:
  8. SV650 isn't a LAM... but the Ducati 620 is! :cool: not as "sporty" but its got grunt alright, and being a Ducati, it makes up for the "sportiness" with its' naked look. Top bike for someone who can't wait till their full licence, but also wants to obey the law.
    Like Habibi i'm speaking from a biased position here :grin:, i've yet to ride the GT650, or SV...
  9. being over 30 he doesn't actually need a LAMS bike as the only restriction he has being in NSW is he can not take a pillion, he can literally ride any bike he wants, no size restriction to riders over 30 that have held an open car license for 5 years or more, when they are on their P's

    he could literally go out tomorrow and buy a hayabusa or zx14
  10. It's abit confusing the """ the RTA - over 30 AND held NSW license for 5 years"".

    The way the RTA word it is right .

    You might off had your licence for 4 years and still have a Silver licence in your pocket because ,you renewed it for 2-3 years extra.
    All you got to do is go and get it updated to a gold one ,after 5 years.

    You Don't get any P plates ,after you pass the P's course.
    You go straight to a full licence ,but can't pillion for 12 months.
  11. Reading this got me a bit paranoid and it's actually Australian or New Zealand license for years. I was planning to go straight to my open license but I only had a NSW license for 4 years and before that I had QLD license.
  12. No, he said. sporty and grunty and not too low in the seat or cramped. I've seen some absolutely wicked riding on the Wee-strom through the twisties.

    The Rocketeer said:
    Ah, you've got me there .. we don't have that system in the People's Republic of WA. I just thought 650 and went for it ......
  13. the original wording was eligible for a gold licence which means no disqualifications in 5 years

    either way as mentioned elsewhere OP can ride any bike he likes once done the P's course
  14. dc:

    Im like you I ride a 250rr and i'm finding it boring as batshit. Bumps squash your nuts, and they are too old... they may have been good in their day, but I need to upgrade too.