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stuck on high beam

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by haydenoc, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Hi, started up the gs500 to come home from work tonight and noticed that my high beam light was on. Checked the head light and yup, its on high beam. I cant for the life of me get get it off high beam. Ive flicked all buttons that work it, but no good. Any suggestions as to what has caused this and how to fix it?

  2. i like high beam

  3. No Relay for the High beam in the GS500 as far as I can see from the wiring diagram so it is likely to be the handlebar switch.

    Does the High beam warning light come on?
  4. Stuck relay would be the most obvious cause. If so it may just need a good sharp whack, else replacement. However if as CFVFR says it doesn't have a relay then the switch is the next most likely culprit.
  5. I've had this on occasion.

    Every time it's been due to the high-beam filament in the globe breaking, and then spot-welding itself (due to heat I guess) to the low-beam feed somehow. The headlight will display as high beam, and it even lights up the high-beam indicator on the dash.

    Simply replacing the globe (most likely an H4 globe which you can buy from any servo for approx. $10 if desperate) will fix it.
  6. I agree with Flux. I've seen dodgy dual filament bulbs cause all sorts of weird symptoms.
  7. Good point Flux and Pat, Not one I have seen the filament welding issue but its a possible cause. Easiest thing to check first.
  8. yeh the high beam indicator is on. i will replace bulb and see if that works. Thanks heaps for info/advice. appreciate it.
  9. Before you replace the globe try checking it. Take it out, earth it then run a lead to one of the live contacts. You should see one filament light up. Then switch lead to other live contact and you see the other filament light up. If the same one lights up each time despite using different contacts it's the globe. If you get two separate filaments lighting, the globe is working OK.
  10. Thanks for all your help fellas. It was the globe.
  11. Good one flux, Never happened to me and last thing I would have thought of.
  12. I recently found my high beam to be stuck on, including the warning light too yet the bulb itself was giving out no light at all, not even low beam.. but the warning light flickered a little when i used the handle bar high beam switch so the switch was still functioning.
    No relays either

    Turns out the earth in the headlight plug (H4 light) had completely melted.. Power went from normal headlight switch into the bulb, then out via the high beam terminal (instead of the earth terminal) then went through the high beam switch and up into the dash turning the indicator on and leaving the headlight off.

    I cut the plug off, stole one from a 1970 datsun 1200.. and soldered it on
  13. Sounds like the old dodgy earth on a trailer trick where the lights do all sort of strange things if the earth conenction back to the car plays up.

    On the subject of the melted earth pin, do you have higher wattage globes than the standard 55/60W versions?? The extra current load & heat can cause all sort of problems.