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Stuck oil filter - anyone near St Kilda with a badass filter wrench?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by grue, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. ](*,)

  2. What kind of filter?

    If you mean like the big chunky car style perhaps hammer a screw driver through it for leverage (assuming you're replacing with a new one)

  3. Yeah, it's a screw-in on an F4i. I'd normally be up for the screwdriver trick, but that went bad on me once and I ended up wit ha shredded filter and was worse off than when I began. Figure if I can't find someone with a wrench I can use, I'll put in the new oil, go buy a wrench, drain the oil, change the filter, put the oil back in.
  4. Wow, never heard of one shredding before.

    If you do end up going out to buy your own I'd suggest putting the old oil back in (if you still have it).. as using the new oil with the old filter may just contaminate the new oil. A few extra km's on the old stuff should hurt either.

    Good luck on your quest anyhow :)
  5. Yeah, good point. I've still got the old oil, it's sitting in the drain pan under the bike currently :rofl:
  6. Welp, old oil is now back in the bike. PMed another member in St Kilda who's got one of the badass claw type ones, just waiting to hear back :angel:
  7. Given the access, a big Stillson pipe wrench has worked for me.

    I've seen the screwdriver trick go horribly wrong too, although, again, given the access, it wasn't too hard to recover from. With a Stillson.
  8. you can use lots of tricks if you have access, another one is riveting a strip of metal commonly used to reinforce walls/fences onto one side and turn the whole filter into a socket. Works on trucks, not so sure about accessing the bikes filter.
  9. i wrap a leather belt around the filter and pull like a biatch sometimes. Most of the time though i just smack a screw driver through the end and turn the damn thing.
    But the belt does work.
  10. Hm. I might have to see if I can find a leather belt I don't care about anymore :)
  11. Still trying to get if off? Damn thing must be welded on.
  12. Well, I haven't re-attacked it since last week. I'm not a small guy and I don't have a chance without extra tools, I dunno how they got it on that strongly.

  13. One possibility - installing it without lubing up the rubber seal with oil.
    Instead of being slippery and tightening to how much force you put on, the rubber tears as it hits the block and the friction makes it impossible to remove.

    Most filter wrenches I've seen will tighten their grip as you loosen the filter, so they cant be used to install one.

    Perhaps try buying one on ebay. Chances are you'll need to change your oil again in the future some time ;)
  14. do you need it done quickly? if so pm me ive got one that aways seems to work for me and im near by.

    otherwise buy one of the socket types from bursons