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Stuck in gear, advice please!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Jmroscoe, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Hi all, had a shifting issue a while ago with a 2002 ZZR-250 (https://netrider.net.au/threads/false-shifts-zzr250.162418/) and just finished rebuilding the bike after an accident from last March.
    Did the valve clearances, tuned carbs and rebuilt the brakes and rest of the bike back up to great working order; took it out for a ride to test everything and it all ran beautifully engine/brake/suspension wise. After about 20 minutes of riding the shifting become inconsistent even when I'd do it with authority and in all rev ranges. Eventually it hit a false neutral and I couldn't for the life of me get it into gear.
    I pushed the bike to a hill, rolled down and managed to get it to shift up through gears but it refused to go down so I rode home the whole way in fifth. It's completely stuck in gear and won't shift up or down or into neutral.

    It's been fully serviced with oil (10w-40 Penrite race 10 fully synethic) and filters.

    What I'm wondering is the difficulty in the fix as I'm sure it's not to do with the shift lever on the outside as that's locked into the splines well and it won't move either way.
    Shifting forks on the internals stuffed? Is this an awful fix? Shifting drum? Dogs?

    I'd really appreciate any help anyone can offer as I've put a lot of time into getting the bike up and running!

    2002 Kawasaki ZZR-250 with 23,855 Km
  2. For anyone curious about the transformation from frame+engine to what it is now:
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  3. Album died. Second attempt:
  4. My suggestion is that the selection forks in the gearbox may have sustained some impact damage in the accident.....
  5. while its not going to help you with your problem...but I do admire the optimism shown in the shopping list in the background....lol
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  6. Hornet is likely right. If the selector shaft was hit during the fall it may have done some internal damage.

    Despite that, I be starting externally.

    The first and most obvious place is any external linkages (I can't see that video, so I don't know how simply your setup is). A small amount of freeplay and/or misalignment here can stuff up the shift.

    The next area is the alignment of the bike. Gearboxes in bind up if the chain puts any undue tension on them. Your swingarm, chain, sprocket and engine all need to be aligned correctly. The frame needs to be straight too and chain tension needs to be correct. Too tight can be a problem.

    If you eliminate all of that, then I'm afraid the answere is likely internal.
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  7. The accident was a low speed fall on the right hand side, the shifting on the bike as always been a little suspect and temperamental as per the old thread I linked.
    Chain tension is fine - possibly on the looser end of fine. External shifting mechanism is all torqued to the workshop manual.
    The actual shifter itself is stuck as well as the bike being stuck in fifth.

    I'm assuming it's the internals of the transmission - selector fork? Drum? It doesn't seem too difficult getting the parts for zzr transmissions but is getting to the internals a nightmare?
    I've read some bikes require the engine case to be split to gain access whereas most seem to go through the clutch side.

    Thanks for any help!
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    The bad news...yes you will need to split the cases if its the actual drum/selector forks. The only part you can get to by removing the RHS (clutch) covers is the external shift mechanism.

    a couple of pages to get you started...........

    after you have died of shock at the parts prices at the local Kwaka stealer, try www.partshark.com.
    Always found them to be prompt, reliable and above all cheap(er).

    BTW...why do I have the GPX/ZZR manual ? Son had one, though with the damage he did it was cheaper to find a 2nd hand engine that repair what he had.

    Image2. Image3.
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  9. The problem is internal as noted above.
  10. Looks like I'm tearing the thing down again a week after finishing it then!
    I've managed to find a wrecker in the US selling transmission components cheaply from low mileage bikes - transmission, drum, selector shaft and shifting forks for $80 AUD+Postage so a win in that regard.

    It's a good thing I enjoy fiddling with things I guess - was hoping not quite this much though.
    Thanks for the help, dropping an engine out and splitting it will be interesting at least.

    Think anyone would have any interest in a photo log of the process as I go?
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  11. Photo logs are always cool when rebuilding shit.
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