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Stuck in first gear for the ride home

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ad91on, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I went to get back on my bike after a day at school and to my dismay i found that i was stuck in first.

    The toothed thing that the gear lever is supposed to lock into has come extremely loose and is simply failing to change gear... i tried tightening it but the bolt is stuck it seems...

    So i bit the bullet and rode home in first gear. That was fun.

    Top speed of 30km/h at a million rpm. Took mainly the backstreets and stuck to the far left indicating with my hand for people to overtake.

    People were pretty good actually; no one gave me any grief and when overtaking they gave me a pretty wide berth. Luckily for me i cycle to work 9 times out of 10 so had a good idea of backstreets/shortcuts and of general low-speed-two-wheeled behaviour.

    At one stage i cut onto the footpath in order to not hold up traffic on a main road, and when i did have to go on the main road people seemed pretty cool there, too.

    So sort of an anti-vent. Thanks for everyone for being cool!

    But no thanks for my bloody gears being stuck.

    And furthermore, i lost my wallet that morning so i can't pay for it to be fixed because i have no credit or debit cards and i can't seem to loosen the nut myself...

    Wasn't the greatest day for me to have a stuck first gear. Ruined my day further.
  2. That sucks man.

    Did you try clutchless shifting? How did you go with stopping the bike, did you just let it stall then start it again?

    EDIT: Ahh ok, gearshifter not clutch stuck. My bad.
  3. Stopping the bike was no problem, infact it was really easy because the bike was so stable thanks to the high revs and even then i was only going 30kmh tops!!!

    It was fun coasting down hills with the clutch in though i must say.
  4. I feel your pain bud. I blew a cylinder (found out later anyway) on my zzr-250 first motor and couldn't get over 5k rpm, in 6th on that bike it equals 50km/h. I was 15km from home. :(

    Good luck with the fix up.
  5. That would be very painful having to ride at 30k :<

    I know mine can do 80 in first, not very practical though haha.

    Hope you find your wallet and get it fixed cheaply asap mate!
  6. I had a coach get stuck in first gear once. Top speed in first was, hmm, let's say a fast walking pace. Rang the boss, and after the group got into another coach I was told to drive it to the mechanics. It was about 10kms, most of which was on South Road, one of Adelaide's main arterials. I'd have just entered an intersection and the lights would go yellow. By the time I got across the lights would be green for the other direction. That was a fun drive!
  7. That sucks... i waould hate that as my can seems to be in Defcon 5 noise emitting in 1st gear, not to mention the engine screaming away... Hope you get it sorted soon
  8. Fixed it!

    Most finicky, annoying thing to fix ever, too, it's just a horrible place to try and turn a wrench or unscrew a socket, no room and no good angles...

    But i did it!!!!
  9. I know what you mean mate, it helps having ratchets with an angled neck though.

    Good to hear it's fixed.