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Stuck in 1st

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Janosh, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. I've been out for a few rides on my new Bandit, and the gearbox is very smooth except it sometimes gets locked in first when I'm stationary :?
    As soon as I get moving, there's no problem getting into second, and I've tried bliping the throttle when stopped which has worked a few times, but I'm thinking something must be up?

    Any ideas? I've never had this problem on other bikes!
  2. It needs more k's lo loosen up. Get off your computer. Go and twist it for a bit longer.
  3. as far as i know gearboxes are designed to be used when the bike is moving
  4. Actually, it's kinda normal.

    Lots of bikes (probably 50% of the ones I've ridden, even at least two new ones) don't want to disengage gear when stationary. Either rock the bike back and forwards with some upward pressure on the lever, or ease the clutch out, just start to roll forwards, then pull it back in and simultaneously knock it into neutral.
  5. Ring up the service manager of the store you brought it from

    Do not speak to the sales guy as most of them do not have the technical
    knowledge of the bike

    The gears will loosen up with time however it maybe the clutch that is causing this problem
  6. On my bike, if the oil is too full then it will make it difficult to get it into neutral when stationary. I have a habit of changing to neutral just before I come to a stop at the lights. Never had an issue.
  7. :WStupid:
  8. Could this also be a symptom of the oil being over full? :?
  9. Instead of blipping it, try revving it slowly to about 3000 revs and snicking it in.

    The bandit might have a sight glass to check the oil level. Just get someone to hold the bik upright and check the window.
  10. Sometimes I get stuck in gear(not first or neutral) as well when I come to a stop at the lights and I havent changed back to 1st yet. I normally just roll the bike abit to get it changing again. I think this is a different issue to ur case though. :roll:
  11. There is a sight glass and the oil is over full, which is why i ask whether that might affect the gear change?

    When the bike's running and upright, the oil is just above the full line, which means it must be quite a bit over when stopped...

    The bike was serviced just before I got it (2k ago) which is why it is the way it is - I'm tempted to do an oil change myself soon if it might help???
  12. Wouldn't hurt, that way you know you don't have too much oil AND you can learn how to change oil (if you don't already)
  13. Having this much oil in th engine can do huge damage potentially! More is NOT better!! :shock:

    Warm the bike up briefly, shut down the engine then check the oil height 15 minutes or so later.
  14. try loading the gearbox up with the clutch half out and move it forward a few inches.

    then pull the clutch in. some bikes respond to this. Lighter weight oil at this time of year helps too.

    But it may be you have to get used to neutral on the run. Own a Laverda for a while and you will get used to this.
  15. I recently had a similar problem with my bike just after I bought it. It was smooth enough changing gears out on the road but couldn't get it out of 1st when i arrived home or at the lights. I found it was an ill adjusted clutch cable...too much slack/stretched and at the end of its life.

    Tightened it to begin with and changed it over last weekend...can't believe the difference it has made.

    So...check the clutch cable free play and slack...Oil level was fine btw
  16. Emptied out around 200ml of oil before it even showed on the sight glass, and now surprise surprise the gear change is perfect :cool:

    Damn mechanics, I just hope no damage was done :evil:

    Oh well, the bike's in good hands now.... and lesson learnt - always do an oil change when you get a new car/bike!