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Stuck at red lights?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Forgive me if this has been posted previously. ( Yep I did the search thing ). After being frustrated having to wait for a car to join me in the right turn lane in order for the lights to change green, I googled a possible solution.
    I figured its better than running a red. :p
    Not sure if it works on our traffic system.
    Any thoughts??


  2. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on here that if you position the bike over the inductive strips in the road they will register the bike
  3. few possible solutions

    * put your sidestand down
    * turn your bike off then on
    * change your route
  4. Shouldn't need it. If I can set off traffic lights on my pushie, I don't see why a moto wouldn't. Just make sure you ride over the strips.
  5. I just run the light if it isn't a dangerous intersection.
  6. I roll backwards and fowards to try and re-trigger it or just roll further foward to allow other car behind to be able to trigger it off.
  7. When I started riding, I tried to educate my wife into becoming a more motorcycle aware driver. ( ie dont tailgate, leave a 3-4 sec gap etc etc.. )
    Anyways, one afternoon she was following me ( i was riding, she was driving ). I stopped at a set of lights waiting for a green right turn arrow. Thought I'd wait til she gets behind me to trigger it. :roll:
    What does she do ?... she stops about 4 metres behind me. :LOL: :LOL:
    I tried motioning her, >> She thought I was waving at her :LOL: I almost had to dismount and walk over to her and ask her to MOVE forward plz .
    At least she remembered
    Gotta love em :wink:
  8. ahaha I think your Mrs and mine are from the same pod!

    I was tryign to signal mine who was behind me outside our house to lower the automatic garage door so I started pointing at it and making a button pressing motion.

    She jus tthought I was being silly!
  9. Im not sure about the bikes electrics, but a wouldnt be carrying anything like a mobile/laptop/discs etc if there a stack of neodimiyms on the bike, their pretty powerful magnets that can do some funky thing to electronics...
  10. when you are going over the squares on the bike make sure you only have 1 wheel on the square. I have found that if you can fit full on a square with your bike, the lights will not change. But they have changed everytime when I am half over them.
  11. eat more pies :grin:
  12. +1.

    If the traffic lights are not registering your bike, which tends to happen quite a lot. Then treat the traffic lights as malfunctioning and while giving way to any traffic around you just treat the lights as a normal intersection.

    Of course this is more dangerous and if there is not a very safe gap to do it in then dont. However if a cop pulls you up for it tell him the lights aren't working. I'm sure that if a set of traffic lights are out for whatever reason then they become just like a normal intersection.

    You can call your local RTA and advise them of lights that are not picking up your bike and they will go out and recalibrate the detectors.
  13. Last year someone posted about these metal strips you put onto the bottom of your bike that triggers the sensors so they see youy. Anyone remember what they were called?

    (I should add they aren't what is mentioned in that link)
  14. I got caught turning left at a red light by a cop who was on his way to work.
    He pulled me over and asked why I did it. I told him those particular lights never register a motorcycle and I gotta sit there till a car comes along.
    He said cool no worries and let me off. He reckons no cop (back then) would book me for doin' it under those circumstances and as long as I gave way to all necessary traffic there was no problem.
  15. :shock:
    Did ya get the cop's name? :p
  16. From the Ask Police page.

    Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:16 pm
    Anonymous Coward
    I ride a small scooter, which won't activate a right green arrow on a specific road I often travel if no car is behind me. I usually wait for two full cycles of straight-ahead green lights before carefully/slowly/safely going through the red arrow. Would I have any chance of leniency if caught doing this? Could I argue "lights were 'faulty'"?

    You could not argue that the lights were faulty. You would have to jump off and press the pedestrian button!! I would contact the Roads Authority and inform them and they may look at changing the sensitivity of the pressure pad which activates the lights. If you go through the red, you've committed the offence straight up.
  17. haha Nah, but most of the local cops out my way (Warragul) are/were pretty reasonable blokes. We get the occasional overly keen nazi but not very often. :)
  18. Yes I find this works wonderfully :LOL:
  19. Isn't that system of triggering lights specific for USA only?

    Anyway that movie and solution in original post is from USA.
  20. I was stuck at the Warrigal Rd/Nepean Hwy intersection (heading towards the beach), was stuck at the lights for ages :(

    ended up reversing and going left down nepean and swinging back around lol.