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Struth! Motorcyclist standards.............

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. no wonder the public thinks we're suicidal idiots. :roll: dad always passes on his tales of interaction with motorcyclists, his latest one (5 minutes ago) was a winner.

    driving city bound on punt road there are four lanes, two heading city bound and two heading out of the city.

    dad's in the second lane (the lane on his immediate right is oncoming traffic) heading city bound travelling at 60km/h in busy traffic conditions when a bike appears in lane four heading in his direction! (so the bike is heading in the opposite direction to the lanes traffic flow.)

    god knows why he's there or what he's doing but he's about to be f**ked, as there is oncoming traffic and he has a choice between crashing into dads car door or smashing head long into oncoming traffic.

    dad hits the brakes and the bike slides into the space as oncoming traffic passes by.

    dad would like to pass on to rider of ED-848 you are a f**k head. :dance:

    (gee i wonder why lots of motorcyclists get killed on the roads, perhaps because they're as dumb as we make out car drivers to be.)

  2. Aha, a graduate of the new 'Jihadi' school of motorcycling.......
  3. Probably doesn't have a motorcycle endorsed license (thus he's an un-rider) and on his way to chapel street. He'll appear as a rider fatality in due course, despite him being a rider, just an unlicensed person on a bike.
  4. Riding like a real punt eh?

  5. Ouch.

    I really shouldn't laugh. Thats not funny.

    Oh, wait.....yes it is muhahahaha :LOL:
  6. Plenty of dickheads on bikes, unfortunately. At least Darwinism catches up with them, unlike the wobblies in their Land Crushers and Poo-Jaros.
  7. Just another cager rant from a different angle...... are we taking the word of a driver now?
    No offence Slyfox..... but maybe your old man's just trying to scare you.
  8. Not likely, I don't think.
  9. yeah it happens, bikes have oopsies too.
  10. i'll take the word of my dad yes, 'the word of a driver' you make drivers sound like some inferior sub-species :roll: ...then again perhaps they are. :grin:

    nahhh, he's given up on that. and besides stories where riders are fools aren't scary, stories where riders get killed/maimed by other road using fools are.

    i think the bottom line is we're a species of fools, so when cars show us a lack of respect it's probably because of the actions of ED-848 and his mates. can't be helped, best to get off the lights at full bore and have space to ourselves. (just not in the oncoming traffic lane.) :wink:
  11. Inferior sub species, :LOL: no not exactly, most of us are drivers as well as riders, it's just to some people what we do will always appear dangerous. I had discussions with one of the old dears at work (who I overtook legally on the way home one night), she was telling everybody at work who would listen "how dangerous bikes were and how fast I must have been going".

    As percieved by her...... of course :roll:
  12. well we can't really argue with her there, kawasaki's are sub sonic hoons weapons of choice.

  13. Only the blue ones