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Struth! Driver standards.............

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. I was riding back from town yesterday after an interview.
    Travelling along a straight stretch of road, wide dual lanes both ways. Approaching a T intersection with a car in the left (kerb) lane, and me on the bike in the right lane. The lights ahead are clearly red, and have been for as long as I have been looking at them. People are crossing the road. I start casually gearing down (cruise around in sixth, so some gears to go through). I get down to about 25km/h, around 50m from teh lights, and realise the guy next to me is not slowing down!!!!
    So, I get on the horn and start flashing my headlights. pedestrians scatter. Car entering from side street stops suddenly. Fool in car beside me keeps going through the lights, even though I am next to him with horn blaring! (The GTR has loud horns).
    No one got hurt, but it was close! The guy sailed right through at 60 km/h.
    Next set of lights, pull up next to the guy and he is just looking straight ahead. Lights turn green and he just sits there!
    Now, this guy would have been barely 60.
    I think EVERY driver or rider should have medicals, performed by GP's, every 3 years or so. This has to have been either an eyesight or mental issue.
    I know people lie in the medical section to get their license, as evidenced by the guy in Sydney who killed several people whilst having an epileptic fit.....
    So, if the government doesn't care about driver standards, where do they get off telling us to be safer? We're just driving around with retards in cars next to us!
    Unfortunately, it's by far the first time I have seen things like this....

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Geez. drag him out of the car and sit on him till the cops arrive. FFS
  3. Im not sure @ what age you have to start doing it but, but the RTA insist on annual ( I think it is or every 2nd year )driving tests.

    Have seen it happen in both Albury & Corowa where the instructor has failed the driver & hence lost there licence.
  4. I don't know if it's different in NSW or not, but I reported an old guy who stacked into me, same thing, just wasn't looking and too deaf to hear my horn, and they made him go and do a test and the cops rang me about a month later to tell me he had his licence revoked after failing the test.

    DO IT!

    Next time, your kids could be walking across that road!
  5. Great awareness, your actions probably saved someones life. Well done.
  6. Andrew, perhaps you could change your expletive to something with less chance to offend??

    Ta :grin:
  7. There you go Paul, no offence meant..too many years on the waterfront for me!
    I forget there are some on the board who are religious. :)

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Nice work, Andrew. ;-)
  9. Well that takes care of your good deed for the day, Andrew!

    You have to wonder about people driving around on a cocktail of prescription medications (as well as those who should be taking their little pink pills but don't).
  10. Quote:

    typhoon - "I think EVERY driver or rider should have medicals, performed by GP's, every 3 years or so. This has to have been either an eyesight or mental issue".

    Gromit - "You have to wonder about people driving around on a cocktail of prescription medications (as well as those who should be taking their little pink pills but don't)."

    my brother and i were stopped in traffic at the cnr of springvale rd and springfield rd one time and we noticed a driver a few cars in front acting hysterically in the car. quiet literally jumping up and down on the seat, the car was bouncing around a bit, visible to everyone else around too. the traffic started rolling again, the person was calm... we came to a stop and they start up again. jumping up and down on the seat, moving side to side, the car rocking. we turned off towards the eastern freeway and departed ways.

    i agree... really makes u wonder about some of people we share the roads with :driver:
  11. its a scary thought knowing that there a people like that on the road. was it in newy andrew? if it was, then thats even scarier...
  12. Yeah it was in Newcastle, on the road that goes past the marina in Wickham (Hannell St?). Wish I'd had a pen or similar, I should have reported him.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. thats is Hannell St. and i agree with the medicals/driving tests etc...would make the road a little bit safer
  14. alas (unlike your half decent system in NSW) in victoria there is no mandatory testing for elderly drivers, as the government it to scared to upset the baby boomers generation as they hold the voting power. :roll: ](*,)
  15. right at the bottom of the article.
    they'd hate to address the reasons for fatalities staring them in the face wouldn't they. :roll: wankers.

    it makes me want to move overseas where the emphasis is on road craft saving lives, rather than '5km/h saving lives.'
  16. Drivel indeed.

    Reducing speed tolerances and limits is not a 'road safety crackdown' at all - it is just revenue raising. And regardless of whatever speed-limit there is, there's stupid drivers like the one mentioned in this thread for whom it makes no difference.

    There's little doubt that someone paying attention at 65km/h is much, much, MUCH safer than someone at 60km/h who is off with the faeries. And that doesn't even take into account the serious lack of driver skill around and poor attitude problems. 5km/h is the LEAST of our worries.
  17. Last I heard; it was a state given privilege.

    ... but I like your style, champ!
  18. By making people go for yearly/bi-yearly medical and eye sight tests to ascertain weather they should get to keep there license will not make such an impact I dont think. Because these medical tests will more than likly be taking out by their GP whom I am sure is the doctor they have seen for a long time. If this is the case, it will be hard for the GP to revoke the drivers licence, because they dont want to take away the persons independence. My 5 cents. :cool:

    My next 5 cents is about the G plate. They tried bringing it in, in SA (don't know about other states) G standing for geriatric, but you see if the person is such a bad driver that they should be issued with these "G" plates, to make drivers aware they are bad drivers, why should they even be on the road. Oh hang on i've got it, the goernment wants them all on the road, to pay their licence fees, registration and so they can get picked up for bad driving. I knew there was a reason.

    Oh and congrats on saving lives.
  19. Ahhh, but what the state giveth, the state taketh away, (and your wheels)...