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struggling to remove arrow baffles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Reido, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a street triple with arrow slip ons and I had a crack at removing the baffles. However after I tapped out the spot weld on the top and removed the ring thing that holds them in, they still wont come out! on you tube videos the guy just pulled them straight out.... although in the video the engine was running. would this make it easier? i wouldnt think so as the metal would expand when hot and make it harder? am I missing something else? ](*,)

    cheers Reido

  2. They are typically pretty tight, just yank harder :) It took a bit of force to get mine out.

    If you have access to a slide hammer, that will work. Failing that, take the slip-on off and push them out with a broom handle.

    They are crazy loud (to loud for me) without them in though.
  3. Thanks Raging yeah I dont want it too loud, just a little deeper so am in 2 minds. I can always put them back in pretty easily tho
  4. Knock them out from the back, I've been in your shoes with the baffles stuck tight and the only way was to remove the muffler and bang them out from the back..
  5. GregB has done this sucessfully try PM'ing him..
  6. You could try with the pipe hot as it might expand more than the baffle.
  7. One suggestion I've read is if they are a little loud with the baffles out, drill some more holes in, then put them back in. I take them out just once in a while just for the over run noise, but I find you loose too much of the induction noise.

    But as the others have said, yank harder, that or get grippier pilers.