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Struggling in the Pre-Learners.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GentileBrah, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Had the first day of my pre-learners today. I was doing alright until the riding around part. Riding around the course and changing gears proved a little difficult for me. I couldn't seem to multi task what I had to do. I have never riden a motorcycle before and only drove an auto car. There was one other novice rider in my group but he seemed to get it quickly.

    I was so disheartened that I couldn't get it. The instructor said I was to tense all the time. Tried to relax but I find myself constantly thinking about what needs to be done and when. I think I am the worse learner ever! I stalled the bike about 10 times also.

    If I fail day two, what happens? Is there private lessons I can take? I really love motorbikes and want to ride so much. Despite the embarrassment, I want to try again. I couldn't help feel I was being rushed today to learn but oh well. If tomorrow doesn't go so well, what are my options? Am I first to struggle with gears and stuff? Do people fail pre-learners?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. It can be a bit much to take in on the day, things will probably feel a bit more settled on the second day..

    Your instructor is 100% right, you will be tense, I know I was when doing my learners course, we had two people fail on my course, but all of us were making errors here & there & could have failed if we had done them in the actual test, we just kept it together for that part of the day.

    Of the two that did fail, one was philosophical about it, she had never driven a manual car, so was going to get more tutelage, the other was a younger girl who was riding really well all day but got nervous in the test & kept stalling, she left in tears, worst thing was her mum had come along to get her learners too in order to provide some support & she passed..

    I am presuming you are in Victoria??

    If you fail it isn't the end of the world, talk to them about some more lessons you can get before trying again, everyone starts from different competence & confidence levels & some take longer to learn the skills than others, doesn't make anyone better or worse than you..

    Enjoy a good nights sleep, I remember falling asleep on the couch after the first day, I NEVER do that, I was absolutely spent..
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am in NSW. I fell asleep when I got home too. Was wearing leather and the weather was rather warm. I already have my bike, a 250 cc cruiser. Much different in size and seat position to the one I was riding today. I am eager to try harder tomorrow. If I stuff up, will see if I can get some private lessons somewhere, maybe using my bike.

    Oh well, will give it the second day and see what happens.
  4. Hey Gentile!

    Don't stress, if you 'fail' the course they give you a couple of extra hours motorcycle training, and then you do it again. Just take it at your own speed and smile heaps. :D
  5. I didn't do the pre learners but did the 2 day learners course at HART in Victoria 2 years ago.

    I was that bad on the bike - wasn't looking as I came around a corner and saw everyone else was stopped, as I was trying to use the front brake I pull the throttle down ended up off the course and hit a small tree and fell up against the concrete wall.

    Ended up doing the learner on a scooter and got it first go. Did the learner to licence and then the licence 12 months later got that first go.

    Don't be too disheartened, just try & relax and enjoy it.
  6. It's the same as anything in life, the more you think and stress about it the worse you'll do. Just remind yourself that you are in a safe environment, if you get it wrong you can just start again, go slow and just practice getting into a the rythym of changing them gears. I certain if you relax a bit it'll come together for you. Let us all know how you go.
  7. I would deff agree with this, I felt like there was a lot of info in one day but when you get in the second day most of the things fall in place(only had my learners for about 6 weeks now)

    I think the pre learners course isnt as thorough as it should be but its enough to get things started
  8. have sex in the morning before you there again!! that should relax you a bit.. notice most of the response say to relax?
    we have been there, and it is frustrating when you want it so bad. just unwind, stop and smell the roses as they say..
  9. I was petrified before I did my pre-learner's course. No one close to me rode bikes, and I had no idea how everything (like gears etc) worked. Started out by watching some videos on Google, which helped me understand how things happened, and I ended up having a good time on the day. I hated the scooter we started on (how the hell does one turn those things?), but once on the bike it picked right up.

    You'll get there. Try not to stress if you can; it only makes things worse. Don't try to do things too fast. I remember my Dad teaching me to drive the car; he was quite methodical about it. Clutch in, change gear, clutch out - don't rush it.

    As to stalling - hell, if you only did it 10 times, I think you did better than I did. It was my one big problem at the start. I'd do it several times in a row. It wasn't until I went for my learners that someone told me what I was doing wrong (letting clutch out too fast once I got to the friction point).
  10. funny thing is, you worry about stalling now? bet you 1 cent for everytime you WILL leave your indicator on, yep just 1 cent!! we all do it, you will get there, you will improve, you will say these same things to new riders yourself in the very near future.. be surprised how muhc better you get when you stop trying so hard..
  11. Are you hoping to break even, Goddie?


    Just as well my heated handgrips are connected to a relay to the ignition - I think I leave them on more often than I remember to turn them off.
  12. this might be a bit late for you now but if you can read this, my advise is do NOT drink coffee (especially the ones they offer) have some gatorade or something just to make you hydrated because coffee WILL make you nervous...my 2 cents. P.S. that's what I did before and oh btw I'm still on my L's :D
  13. Really appreciate all the replies. It has opened my eyes a lot.
    I am just going to think 'stuff it' and give it my best go without (trying not to) worry now.

    The instructor was a good guy, means well, but I still think it's a rush. At one point it was suggested that I was holding the other guys in the group up, which made me panic even more.

    Am going to check out some videos on the tube, will be doing the second day later this afternoon and if all doesn't go to plan I am going to do stationary drills on my own bike and maybe get 1-2 private lessons and try again.

    Thanks again, cheers.
  14. ... I didn't even bother going to the 2nd day. I too found it very rushed and kept stalling the bike. I ended up getting my own bike and was lucky enough to get tuition from my now parter ( who obviously rides).

    My plan was to book myself into private lessons and then go back for another go once I was more confident. which I did.... :)

    Good luck with the 2nd day.... but don't worry if you need another go at it.(y)
  15. Unfortunately I think you're at a disadvantage because you don't have any experience driving a manual car.

    Learning to ride a bike is complex enough, but you also have to learn the mechanics of gear shifting etc at the same time. Its natural you had trouble picking it all up in one day.

    I wouldn't worry, it doesn't mean you're going to be a bad rider or anything, just that you will need a bit more experience and practice compared to someone who has manual experience.. once you get a bike and ride daily you will get the hang of it all after a few rides.
  16. Not sure about where you are doing the course, but at Adamstown (Newcastle), if you did happen to fail the course, they offer 1 on 1 tuition on another day at no extra charge before testing you again.
    I also agree with the previous post regarding the manual gears. It is for this reason that I am going to teach my wife to drive a manual car first before she attempts getting her bike license. (only had her license for about 5 years and has only ever driven an auto).

    Like everyone else has said, relax and enjoy the day. If you don’t pass, it’s not the end of the world and you can always try again :)
  17. above all else...dont stress it....TAKE YOUR TIME..it's what i did...there's no point in rushing it...not learning anything....taking a chance at winging it...then getting out on the road and forgetting half of what you've learnt and ****ing up in the real world (i spent about the first fortnight repeating the order in which i was taught to start up the start up the bike and do my headchecks)
  20. Okay...

    So half way through day 2 I started getting te hang of it. I started feeling more relaxed and started thinking 'this isn't so hard'. The instructor even started giving me the thumbs up.

    Unfortunately it was short lived. Moving on to fast riding and gear changing at certain points stuffed me up again. Started over thinking and stalled it a few more times.

    I got pulled aside and knew it was over. The instructor said I am having a hard time changing gears. He gave me two options. Either continue on and struggle or call it quits, take a 2-hour remedial class and try again. Under the pressure I took the remedial option.

    Don't know what happened. I was getting it and then it just wrong again. It's these damn gear changes I can't get use to.

    Will be booking my remedial, practicing gears on my bike, unmoving and try again.

    Surprisingly I am not as disappointed as I'd thought I'd be.