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Strong Rumour: Sete Gibernau to go to Ducati

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. from [...]
    "Crash.net reports that there's a strong possibility that Spanish MotoGP rider, Sete Gibernau, will end up riding a Ducati Motorcycle in next year's GP. This is due to a major domino effect happening at this moment.

    Let me explain. Stay with me, take a pen, and write this down, since it's complicated....

    It would seem that Spanish sponsor Telefonica Movistar are withdrawing from the MotoGP in order to fully support Renault F1 driver Fernando Alonso (since he may become world champion). This is increased due to the fact that they've lost Dani Pedrosa to Repsol Honda next season, something that does not sit well with Telefonica.

    Since Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa have just signed with Honda HRC for 2006, this limits Gib's chances for a "new" Honda....

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Altadis (sponsors of the two Yamaha teams) are planning to possibly back-out of sponsoring Yamaha with Valentino Rossi indeed goes solo, i.e., one Yamaha rider!

    So Altadis (with their Gauloises and Fortuna brands) will probably sponsor Toni Elias and Marco Melandri.

    With me so far ???

    Since Ducati tried to sign Gibernau last year, are willing to try again, and are allegedly reported to offer 4 million Euros to get Sete. Since Carlos Checa has had a disappointing season, he would be replaced by Gibernau.

    Pheeww... and throw in the persistent rumor that in 2007 Rossi is going four wheels, it really looks like musical chairs. The one ending without a chair, or in this case motorcycle seat, would probably be Biaggi....

    Click here to read the whole story. "
  2. Crap Dan,

    I was just getting over the fact that Doooocati may end up giving in MotoGP and focus back on WSBK. Putting Sete, who is another Biaggi, on a Ducati will spell the end of it's racing......

    Think about it, he is on the BEST bike and cant win, what makes you think he will do well in Ducati???

    Ahhh, the musical chairs that is MotoGP :D :D :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. what about edwards? I like him...
  4. He has a 2 year deal with yamaha does he not????
  5. So, it just gives Rossi a different bike to centre-punch up the inside in the last corner.......
  6. Me? I don't (I was quoting!)
    Frankly he could be riding a horsie for all I care, he's a also-ran when he races Rossi :D
  7. Sorry Dan, was not inferring it was you that said that... :) :) Just a paint brush thoughts.... :)
  8. There are also strong rumours that Chris Vermeulen may be given a Honda MotoGP ride, although I doubt that it would be a full factory bike in his first season.
    Personally, I'd rather see him clinch a WSB championship before moving on. Can't be far away.
    Also, I think that even if Sete is not capable of beating Rossi, he is still the best bet Honda have at the moment. The reason he is down the point table is because he has so often crashed trying to match Vale. Meanwhile, Max is running second by sitting back and taking no chances.
  9. Jeremy Burgess came out with a statement that went something like "if Chris Vermuelin wants to race Motogp then he better start winning WSB by 15 seconds every race, because he is racing against the motogp losers".
  10. Well, Burgess is rarely wrong, and, in principle I agree with him here too.

    However, Vermeulen IS an enormous talent and currectly is the best of the rest so the potential IS there.

    I would like to see him go to MotoGp as the WSBK champion too, and I suspect that that scenario appeals to Honda as well. He's still very young and it won't hurt his career prospects to stay one more year in WSBK.

    As for Gibernau to Ducati! pfffft.

    Unless the Italians have a death wish, no. (still they did hire Charlie Chucka didn't they?)
  11. There's also the rumour that MV and Aprilia (with a V4) are coming back to WSBK and it's said that Bayliss could get a shot with the MV.
  12. I guess anything is possible, but surely there is some young blood that deserves a go, Bayliss although Australian and an all round good guy has had his share of opportunities surely.
  13. After Bayliss's experience trying to develop the new GP Ducati and contend with hysterical Italian team directors, I don't think he'd be happy to put his head in that noose again ever.