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Stroke of luck

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Farkinott, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I haven't been out on the Thunderbird for a decent spin over the last few weeks due to a combination of working away and shitty weather. Today I decided I would take the wife up to Hervey's Range Heritage Tea Rooms for brekkie and to clear the phlegm out of the bike. On our way back for a spot of shopping I was going straight through a roundabout when a young bloke in a Mitsubishi Lancer failed to give way. I saw him coming through in my peripheral vision and attempted to accelerate away. He clipped us on the left hand exhaust about 30cm from the end of the pipe. Thankfully my wife's leg wasn't struck and I managed to stay upright (heavy bike helps there!)
    The number plate plastic mount on the rear is smashed and there is a dent and scratches to the pipe which is bent in towards the rear wheel. The other driver's number plate left its paint on the exhaust so I consider ourselves very very lucky.
    I think the sheer acceleration off the bike helped avoid a more substantial impact but ultimately it comes down to luck. My insurer can do the money chasing from him. I did ring him to offer him the opportunity to just pay for the damage instead of going through insurers (he is a young guy of about 18) but he put his dad on the phone who wanted more than one quote (there is only one Triumph dealer within a 450mk radius) and that if it's only a scratch it shouldn't cost too much. He showed complete disregard that myself and my wife could have been killed. As I don't know this young bloke and he vacillated on the opportunity for a clean insurance record, I didn't think that the money for privately organised repairs would be freely forthcoming. I didn't like the boy's dad's attitude either considering I was very calm and reasonable with the young bloke that hit me, so a claim to my insurer was promptly made.
    My confidence on the bike has taken a bit of a hit but I had to ride back to pick up my registration label from the road a couple of hours later so I'll keep at it and be alright after a few more rides.

  2. Fellow cruiser dude:
    I think you did QUITE well there, and -if anything- your confidence should be UP after this:
    After all, you got hit riding 2 up and still managed to keep it up! Good job!!!!
    Re: insurance or not-
    You were more than fair to offer them the option. After the little phone convo, I'd go directly to my insurer and get it sorted officially.
    ...and I'd do it quickly, before they try and stitch YOU up (after all, it's just you word against his - I didn't hear anything about a police report)
    Good luck.
  3. You did pretty much the only thing you could do, and probably saved yourselves.
    Good idea to claim, because I can see a shitstorm brewing trying to sort it directly.

    He can easily say he was in the roundabout when YOU raced through and he braked to avoid that lunatic on a bike who failed to give way to ME!...

    See how it can be twisted around. Be very clear in your accident report for the insurance company, by choosing your words carefully.

    I think the bastards going to blame you...
  4. listen to raven.
    I got stitched up by an angry bastard who ran a red and t-boned me a few years ago in my mum's car - nothing like a butchered insurance record, 3 demerit points and nearly 2 grand in costs because his word was louder and angrier than mine. No witnesses, no cameras. Don't trust anyone when insurance is involved.
  5. The fault is to the person giving way to their right.
    Doesnt matter if stupid child thought he had more time!!
  6. Sorry but that is wrong. Please refer to road rules guidelines.
    It is give way to anyone in the roundabout.

    The practice of giving way to the right is because the right hand side is the most likely side for you to interrupt traffic already in the roundabout.
  7. And luckily you have the common sense to know... But.. once an accident occurs
    its pretty simple, you get booked for failing to give way.

    And yes... we give way to the right at all times, so think about it!
  8. I believe (but can't be arsed looking it up) that the rule is a vehicle entering the roundabout gives way to one already on it. Mostly that is effectively the same as 'give way to the right' but not always. In this case, the driver might argue that he was already entering the roundabout, when a speeding bike raced in from his right. It will be Farkinott's word against the drivers who entered the roundabout first.
  9. tell you what, the more i read about bikes copping the blame for an accident they didn't cause is making me want to buy a helmet camera
  10. Correct....

    Sounds like you were very lucky and read the situation well......