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Strippers and topless waitresses

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, May 13, 2009.

  1. Ok peeps, need some info on the heading...

    Im organising a bucks night for my brother in law, i will be booking a hotel room in the city for the event, i need info from people who have organised stuff like this in the past..

    What i need is
    What does a stripper cost (roughly) (must be full monty)
    What does a topless waitress cost for how many hours
    What company has good looking women, (Sydney) dont want a wrinkled freak knocking on the door

    Ive been to many parties and bucks nights but this is the 1st 1 im organising so any info would be great...

  2. Depends what you want.

    For a standard stripper you would be looking a $200 odd for a show. For a show with toys and stuff maybe up to the $400 mark however it is all negotiable. Best bet for getting a nice looking stripper is to ask around people you know that might know a good one because there are some old birds getting around. The old ones still know how to put on a show though. Topless I can't remember the price exactly but I think last time we paid about $50 an hour.

    Topless don't get for more than an hour. By then you've had a good perve and everyone has lost interest except for the sleazy guy thats trying to hit on her. Shows with dildos, beads, fruit/veg, whipped cream ect are really worth it. If a show like that is all you could afford then you really don't need the topless waitresses, get them only if you have some spare cash to spend.

    My bucks party is in 6 weeks 5 days....i'm not counting really!

    Oh and don't leave it too long to book otherwise you WILL be stuck with the old hags.
  3. Give Twin Peeks in Woolloomoooloooolooommooloo a call.
    Maybe they farm their girls out? Its a lingerie restaurant, went there for a Chrissy party once. Really nice girls

  4. I don't have answers for you, but damn this is relevent to my interests

    Oh and

  5. [​IMG]

    money does that :LOL:
  6. If you get a topless waitress, make sure she's worth looking at. My bro-in-law's bucks started at the horse races before moving to a pub. Thing is the Pub got the idea to put the topless waitress on, not the best man organising it, they just did. It was sad in a way, she clearly didn't want to do it and the fact that most of the guys wanted to offer their jacket or shirt to her was funny. Girl behind the bar was much better, but sadly clothed.

    No pics i'm sorry.
  7. +1 that's good on prices, when i did it, some 5 years ago, I had them both topless waitress for an hour, then do a show together... It helped cos i knew one of them and was comfortable discussing things with them... I wish i'd rounded enough money out of people to go the 'extra value' show tho ;)

    Might pay to goto a local strip club and spend some dosh on a hot dancer and then ask if they'll do parties, most will.... you can usually hire them out direct from the club, but expect to pay more as they're obligated to send proper security, not just her B/F or male friend, and want a cut too...

    And don't let people take photo's just of the girl(s), if you want happy snaps, make sure its when they're doing something to the buck, they can get shitty sometimes... :)
  8. audition applicant #1:

  9. WINNER$@ #@!$
  10. wheres the "watch this topic for replies" button

    oh wait...south of the boobies

    more pictures chaps...push the envelope, fight the power, show the boobies
  11. Bloody hell, there's gotta be some special effects going on there. :shock:
  12. Typical Collingwood gal....
  13. i thought it was eddie mcguire!
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  15. i expected a picture or 2 on the thread :)
    i like that 1, is she available :grin:
  16. If you want to open a thread with such a title, you better be prepared to see or discuss anything on-topic... there is no p0rn nor nudity there... warn yourself... :)
  17. i agree, i think...unfortunately, in this day and age if i don't add a caveat to what i assume might be innapropriate to others or to those that surf during work they'd get their knickers in a knot. the whole NSFW caveat, i think, is abit silly though. i click questionable links after hrs :wink: