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Stripper rapes best man case

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Paulstar, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. She should have bought him dinner first. Throw the book at her. Women claim they want equality in society, lets hope the judgment and sentence reflect that.
  2. What happens on tour, stays on tour.
  3. WTF is this retard's problem? He goes to a buck's party, takes off his clothes and gets on all fours, allows a naked stripper wearing a strap-on dildo to climb atop of him, and then cries r.a.p.e when she does the f*n obvious. I hope the jury throws this out and the judge awards costs against him on an indemnity basis. This just makes a f*n mockery of genuine r.a.p.e cases.
  4. he would have been under a fair bit of peer pressure in the situation so i can see where he is coming from
  5. Just like the girls that have drunken consensual sex then end up regretting it in the morning. Cry ra pe and ruin the guys life even if it does get thrown out of court?
  6. From what i have read throughout the case was he told her not ot do it, then she went ahead and did it and then tried to say she slipped.

    Throw the book at her. **** is **** regardless of which gender is violated.
  7. +1

    what's that saying no means no? Once the magic word is said according the court anything further is ra pe. At least when it happens to females.
  8. It's all sniggers and giggles when it's a man or a boy, but when it's a female it's always bad. As others say, as soon as he says 'no', then anything after that is assault, be it sexual or otherwise.
  9. OMG what frikkin century do you live in?? If you have a daughter I hope you tell her that if she gets naked with a guy she's obligated to fcuk him :roll:

    No means NO regardless of the circumstances!
  10. been there done that have we? :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I've never been fond of this nazi-feminist ultra-PC equality bullshit. The sexual assault or r.a.p.e of a woman is necessarily a considerably more eserious act and much more likely to constitute a crime due to the simple fact that the vast majority of men can physically overpower and therefore intimidate a woman into doing his will, AND NOT THE OTHER BLOODY WAY AROUND.
  12. Ahuh, so we are meant to consider this act a r.a.p.e because this guy was too much of a wimp to stand up to his passive-aggressive closet-homosexual mates?

    Better that we have only one form of injustice and abuse re r.a.p.e than two forms.
  13. I'm as much of an anti-PC guy as you.

    However, not everyone is as much of a tough guy as you. Tell ya what, I'll get my GF to come round and shove a dildo up your ass - I can pretty much guarantee you a) won't like it and b) won't be able to stop her.

    Guess that'd be just bad luck then hey?
  14. :worthlesspics: :grin:
  15. Yeah, but in this case the bloke was clearly able to stop the woman.
  16. Doesnt change the fact that a crime was committed, if this woman did what the report alleges.
  17. Really? :?

    See the way I read it is that she was on top of him apparently going to engage in simulated sex - but shoved it in anyway despite her saying that she wasn't going to.
  18. Just goes to show: if you can't hold your licker at a bucks night, its a dis-ass-ta. :roll:
  19. The guy's a slut. He was beggin' for it.