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Stripped oil filter bolt

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RedWings01, May 22, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Decided to change my oil today as it was my first time I brought it over to my mates house to help. Easy right? A simple oil change. How can It go wrong? Well I'll tell you. The oil filter bolt is now officially stripped. I mean it is so mangled right now. How the hell do I get it off now. Is there anyway to salvage the bolt? New one cost 80$ :( Vice grips didnt work, propane torch didnt seem to do anything. Im at a loss at what to do.

  2. This may seem like a really, really, dumb question, but, was it stripped taking it off, or doing it up?
    Edit: Oh, and a bit more info might help. Are you talking about a bolt on an oil filter cover, or a cartridge? What bike?
    If it is just a bolt, drill it and easyout it, continue as normal and get a new bolt asap. Or do the sensible thing and take it to a bike mechanic. Know your limitations.
  3. Taking it off. Well attempting too anyway.

    Only the bolt gead is stripped.
  4. Sorry edited while you were replying.
  5. $80 for a bolt? Do you mean the threaded piece up the centre of the filter cap? If that's what it is, it has the pressure relief valve in it. $80 isn't too bad for what it is.
  6. Heaps of options to get it out, especially considering the VTR250s drain bolt gives you heaps of room to work with. A pipe wrench would be the go if you have one handy. You should be able to buy any similarly sized bolt and a crush washer for a couple dollars from your local hardware store. From memory it's an M10 or M12 bolt, flared washer head and probably 30mm or so long.

    A good tool kit that fits bolts, hex, phillips, etc really well is worth every dollar so you keep rounding and stripping to a minimum. A torque wrench might be a good investment too to make sure you don't strip the threads as you do them back up.
  7. The problem is that it isnt a standard bolt.

    15420-KE8-000 - That's the part number if you want to google it.
  8. That's what I thought it might be. The pressure relief valve is inside there. Rather important bit of gear it is.
  9. My bad - I missed that it was the oil filter bolt not the drain bolt. Yep you'll need the oem part. Not many options besides phoning wreckers or buying new. I'm sure there would be a few around at wreckers as the bikes are common enough.

    Unless you want to grind the 17mm head down to a 15mm, if you were so inclined..
  10. get an irwin bolt extractor. it will come out with ease.

    I bought a bahco bolt extractor set to get the stripped sump plug out of a 650 dakar that was stripped from PO. These are notoriously bad for getting stripped.
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  11. Thanks for the idea. From a quick google search, these look bloody useful. Might come handy in the future.
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  12. I think I might just go purchase these. Do you think it would get a bolt off thats completely mangled. It doesn't even look like a bolt anymore its that round.
  13. Silly question but you were turning it the right way weren't you?

    I only ask because I have seen this happen in other situations when coming at bolts or nuts from other angles.
  14. I am almost certain I was turning it the right way. I lied down on the floor looking up at the bolt. Righty tighty lefty loosey
  15. Next time undoing a bolt try to use an impact force like banging the spanner with a rubber hammer. It loosens the bolt in a safer manner thus minimising the chance of rounding. Hope you get it off. Most mechanics will probably help you out.
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  16. Sometimes it helps to tighten the bolt before it allows you to loosen it.
    If you've stripped the head then just buy a new bolt or get one from the wreckers....putting stripped bolts and screws back in only makes it a drama in 6 months time!
  17. These puppies have saved my butt many times. They have kind of a spiral thingy inside them that tighten down on the bolt as u turn it . A great addition to any tool kit IMHO
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  18. I recently stripped a bolt head on the firestorm. A six point socket would be much better for you than a 12 point ring spanner if it fits
  19. Quite frankly; your approach to working with tools sounds scary. I cannot see what place vice grips and propane torch should have in a tool kit for an oil change. I would suggest that you either find someone to show you how to do your service and maintenance work properly with the right tools or pay the professionals to do it. Workmanship like this will cost you a lot of money in the long run and might even put your life at risk.