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Stripped Allen Bolts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by JXD, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. So... i've got my braided lines and Venhill decided to give allen bolts instead of regular hex bolts.

    Putting them on, one managed to move out of place and in panic I grabbed the torque wrench to close it up. My negligence caused me to strip the bolt smooth.

    I've tried using a dremel to cut a gap large enough for a screwdriver but that just stripped the edges.

    Does anybody have any idea other than what's on youtube to remove the bolts?
    Can anybody recommend any places or a bike shop who is capable of removing these bolts? I think I much rather pay someone now

    ](*,) my first install that's actually failing and haunting me =[
  2. Are they recessed in, or can you grab a hold of them with a pair of vice grips?
  3. Sounds like you used the wrong sized driver!

    Depends on the size & situation.
    Just where are these bolts used?
    Sometimes using a slightly larger hex drive (not an allen key) can be hammered in to undo the bolt.
    Failing that, drill out the head & then grip the 'stud' left over with a pair of grips to undo it
  4. It's a rounded bolt so I can't use a grip to pull it out.

    I hadn't put it in properly when I rushed to tighten it; I was more scared of getting brake fluid all over my bike.

    It's the bolt that holds the banjo in place to the calliper.

    If I pull the head of, would it be difficult to use grips to get the stud out? It was tightened to a little less than the required 34 Nm
  5. locking vice grips
    small stiltens
    or theres this self tighteng thing u can get dont
    know proper name
  6. Stud extractor? That'd certainly work.
  7. Shouldnt that be a special banjo bolt?
    You cant just replace it with a cap screw,the fluid wont flow.
  8. I don't get this - recently I had the same problem (radiator mount on the Spada...), and although it took a couple of goes to get the slot deep enough, I was able to get it out with my largest blade screwdriver fairly easily...
    I can probably snap a pic of how it looked in the end, tomorrow if it helps?
  9. anti clockwise cud help
    just saying
  10. If you could get that pic it may help. It's hard to get the screwdriver down under the clip ons though...

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  11. Then take them off.
  12. Get a set of easy outs.
    Best investment i made because all the bolts on the triumph seem to be hardened steel, except for the heads.
    Need to be reasonably accurate and steady handed with a drill though...
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  13. Head down to bunnings and purchase a set of bolt extracting drill bits.
    Ebay is cheaper but who can wait that long? A good set.will get it out no worries.
  14. No worries, I'm hoping to knock off at lunch so will get it uploaded for you ASAP...
    All it's gonna show though, is an ugly, flanged slot cut into a hex bolt - you might get an idea of how deep and wide to go, though...