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StripleR - RUST IN TANK!!! WTF! :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. #1 Grumpy_Trumpy, Oct 20, 2010
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    So it goes, I filled up about 3 days ago & when doing so I noticed a little bit of surface rust on the top of the inside of my tank. I gave it a little rub and obviousy having petrol over it, it was 'soft' & rubbed around. Since looking again yesterday to show a panel beat friend of dads, I discovered this.........

    Faulty breather line thread - with shitty repair from PS story.

    I'm going to give them a call & inquire about a warranty replacement, there is no way they are flushing ANYTHING back through that tank.

    ](*,) :(

  2. Is it rust or sludge?
  3. Sorry to hear mate.. must be gut-wrenching for you ! Hope you get it sorted promptly and inexpensively.
    It may not be PS who are to blame here, but nonetheless, I wrote off PS a LONG TIME AGO when it comes to servicing any of my bikes.
    Best of luck bud.
  4. Smee it's rust & even some flakey bits right around the fuel pump & bolts. The breather hoses are rusty, whole tank, etc. I call BS if you ask me.

    Nickers, I wrote PS off a longggggg time ago, even BEFORE I bought the bike! You don't have much choice with Triumph though! :s

    Anyway, got off the phone to the Manager & after a bit of a heated discussion & a bit of him trying to talk over me, they're getting it picked up in the next half an hour thanks to Mick from Cychaul - top bloke. I won't disclose too much more about our conversation but here's hoping they fix it - 'nuff said!


    P.S: Bike was bought NEW end of Feb & ridden regularly! Hell, the 929 Blade I just bought was sitting near on 6 months with less than half a tank - 10 years old & guess what, no rust Mr PS! *face-palm!*
  5. Warrantee? Even if it's not get on to Triumph as that would fall under the "fit for purpose" rulings and Triumph certainly won't want bad publicity about this getting around.
  6. Sorry to hear that mate. I agree with ibast, but even if PS do come 'round and fix it, make it known to triumph what the issue is and what you had to go through with PS. I'm sure they'd like to know.
  7. Guy from my work bought a brand new VFR800 last month from Honda in Bendigo to avoid PS. There is also a Triumph dealer there too.
  8. Yeah I think that one is in Shepparton - but what do you do when/if something like this happens?! As for servicing, it definitely doesn't get done at PS! Other than warranty claims, you have even less of a choice - just more of a pain. Either way it's PS or a massive trip and $$$ for the service. Dunno, next bike won't be a Trumpy unfortunately, just so I can avoid them! :(
  9. I'll see what PS do, when/If I can be F**ked I'll let triumph Aus know about it. I can't help but feel it's relevant to the first issue I had - whether it has been CAUSED by PS from the last 'fix' or it's just poor craftsmenship, I think somebody should know about it! :s

    I'd also hate to think that PS are just palming off quick fixes until of course I'm out of warranty altogether! When making claims, is there a new warranty put in place or what, how does it work?!


    P.S: For those wondering, the bike is only
    8-9months old, so well & truly under warranty. Regardless, something like this SHOULDN'T just happen unless out of neglect, whether it be 6 months or 60 years old! I'd hate to see if I wasn't such a perfectionist-clean freak!
  10. PS are very cunning in their approach to customer complaints. They must have a lot of 'experience' in this area of their business (#^#$*&$%(% !!!!).
    I can recall the amount of heated discussions I had with them over the telephone, with them trying to explain to me that the sump plug explosively flew off (something which has NEVER happened before, as per chat with Suzuki Australia themselves). They argued and spoke over me many a time saying that the part was faulty...w***ers !
    They huffed and puffed but the next day was a courier at the door picking up said bike.
    My bike was well and truly within the warranty period (total of 1000km ODO). PS held onto my bike for 4 weeks !!!, trying to make the issue seem like a very complex, rare case...their apprentice mech or whoever else it was quite clearly didn't tighten the oil plug and nearly resulted in my hospitalisation....or worse !
    That was an extremely stressful/time-consuming period of my riding experience to date. From thereon, I can only guide people (anyone who seeks advice) to stay away from them - they are ARSEHOLES !
    Again, Grumpy_Trumpy, best of luck 'sorting them out'. Not to be the devil's advocate here or the like, but when I had enough with their crap and mentioned I was in regular talks with Consumer Affairs, they sat up and listened attentively, at last.
    Good luck.

    PS - I was refunded the TOTAL amount of the service fee of my bike, only to realise my bike had scratches on the chrome exhaust, one of the mirrors and rearset when it came back to me. Hit them HARD mate !
  11. Yeah I don't know what I'm more worried about! Getting the tank replaced/fixed properly or having my bike come back with BS marks on it. My bike is immaculately kept, so I will know about it if it comes back any differently. It's a shame you have to even think about all the what ifs & bust your balls just tryin to get a bit of satisfaction out of them! I feel sorry for all the people that haven't got a clue mechanically or shy away at confrontation & BS stories.

    I actually find it amusing that everybody's stories are near on the same every time something involves PS!

  12. Spot on mate ! As we all know, they've had lots of 'experience' in bike matters LOL.
  13. Take detailed photos of your bike from all angles before sending it in so you have proof.
  14. Sorry to hear about that, it's a real bummer. I would certainly call Consumer Affairs and find out what your rights are so that you are prepared in case PS try and come back with any cr@p.

    And I would definitely let Triumph Oz know about it as sometimes the manufacturers don't know what's going on coz the dealers keep quiet about things to keep their reputation with the manufacturer intact.

    I had a problem with a VW dealer and wasn't getting anywhere until I contacted VW Australia and then things got resolved quickly so let Triumph know.
  15. What fuel did you use? I had rust in my tank after just one tank full at a local independent... I filed it up with that E10 fuel... the exhaust fumes had a "funny" sweet smell...
  16. Well some good news. Just heard back from PS & they were actually OK! not surprisingly though they were shocked at how bad it was & actually a bit more accommodating this time. In short, new tank is on order, all possible parts that need replacing, WILL be replaced & the engine & all lines will be flushed! I actually had a bit of confidence in his assurance this time. I think 1) he must have realised how he spoke to me & 2) he realised how f**ked the tank actually was!!

    Here's hoping as usual! :s I just want it back with no other problems & what should be no future problems!!!

  17. Sorry TB, always BP Ulimate or Caltex (vortex?), I'd rather walk home before filling up with anything else, one of the things I'm actually quite anal about amongst plenty of other things.

    I didn't lay down over $15k in a bike just to wreck it with a shitty $10 tank of petrol.
  18. What about Mobil?

    I hate having to use Caltex due to their shit pumps (They turn off if you press too hard except for just 2 pumps I've ever found at Heathcote) and are too slow. BP I won't buy because the attendants are arseholes.

    Mobile is usually my pick.
  19. There is a Triumph dealer at Shepparton but there is also a different one at Bendigo.

    The Bendigo Triumph dealer used to be excellent but IMO they've been a bit off their game since the previous owner/manager left.